How to Draw Realistic Wood With Pencil

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we will draw wood. We begin by sprinkling some graphite
powder, on the paper. Just a little. And then with a chamois we smudge it. Always smudge in the direction
in which the boards of the wood will be. Start with little powder and then add
as needed. And repeat the action. If you put too much
and then you smudge it, then… it’s very very hard to come back. I will use the Tutto3 mechanical pencil
for this project. With a square ruler, I make some
dark lines that will divide the wood pieces or the tiles. Good! By the way the graphite powder
is the one saved when sharpening the leads on my lead holders. Now using a ruler I mark a division
in a couple of the tiles. That ruler was one of those to measure
how much paint it is in a paint bucket [laughter]. We make the divisions. I switch lead to a harder one,
to start making the woodgrain. These flow a little bit like waves in water. Here we will draw a knot. Knots are harder in the wood and
the other patterns, sort of flow around them. The lines I´m making, are not
totally solid, they are a little bit blurry as I am making them through a series
of short lines. In this close up I think you can see
what I´m talking about. Here I am drawing another knot,
one of those that have a little bit indentation in the wood. See how the rest of the lines,
flow around it. By the way if you are interested
in drawing wood, I have an in detail explanation with instructions
step by step and with pictures in my book, titled ¨You Can Draw!
Simple Techniques for Realistic Drawings¨ Which is available through Amazon,
Barnes & Noble, Hobby Lobby, Michael´s, etc. There is an unlimited number of patterns
that the wood may have, here we will draw simply lines. Lines that will go all acrossed,
of course they are not straight. If you want to soften them
you can go over them lightly with the chamois. Of course the tone of the wood
may very greatly, depending from what tree it is, or the finish
it has on it. It could be a lot lighter
or a lot darker than this. I want this wood to look older
and not too refined, so at the edge we put some imperfections
and little cracks. And also the ends will be nailed. Let´s do two nails on each. There you go, and some more cracks
sometimes the nails crack the wood. The lower edge of each board
should have a shadow, as in this case the light will be coming, from the top-right. And with an eraser we can lighten up
the top of the boards. Good! Now let´s draw the nails,
on this ends. This one will be like sinked in. And we can draw the trace of
a harmer hitting the wood. Good! A long version of this video,
by the way, will be uploaded to my Patreon account. We do the last details…
erasing some spots that catch the light… especially those that face the top right, also sharpening and darkening some
spots with the pencil…. and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it please
give it a LIKE! share it to your friends and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips. And I will see you
on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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