How to draw My Little Pony AppleJack – EASY

For all the pony lovers, today, let’s draw Apple Jack! First, let’s draw four horizontal lines evenly spaced and, they will serve as reference lines so.. very important! then, a circle for the head and butting against the circle, draw one vertical line and a curve going down from the bottom of the circle to that point that will be for Apple Jack’s torso Next, draw a second circle for the body and, a nice curve for the neck From that point I can draw a big water drop shape for Apple Jack’s hair and… lightly sketch the other end with the hair band and again, from that same point we got you can draw the left ear And now you see that point of the ear and the circle draw the front hair going to that point with a S shape alright.. and, sketch the hat in a flat triangular shape let’s draw a little bit of the face, so.. the nose.. the chin and the mouth now, we will draw the legs so, they will go down to the last line the stomach line is actually a little higher now the back leg.. the front leg.. and for the body shape, here, I’m gonna make it a little shorter, and higher a little more bumpy for Apple Jack’s bottom and that line was a little off so I will erase that and, the last leg.. okay.. alright, now the basic shape is done let’s attack the tail again very roughly with those curvy lines the hairband, and the end of the tail now, we are just missing the eye, so draw one egg shape you see it’s very close to the hair the eyelashes.. and, the iris also, another smaller egg shape inside and the little reflection.. Okay, now let’s go over the outline with our black ink pencil I will make some little adjustments during that process the hair strains.. the legs.. a little thinner in some parts.. the apples. and before coloring, make sure to erase the pencil marks first, color the entire body in orange the hair bands and apples in red and the leaves in green and all that hair in golden yellow and yes, Apple Jack is a blondy pony the cowboy hat in brown.. and now, Apple Jack is basically done but the colors look a little plain so let’s use a black color to add some shadows and highlights so first, the leg behind the hat.. the ear the torso the back of the legs and the apples just the bottom right corner I will also add some shades to the hair and, to the back tail and, finally, I will make those parts even darker so you see the legs behind.. so mostly the intersection between the body and the legs.. and between the body and the tail and alright, here we go! again, this was my first colored drawing of my little pony so, tell me if you want more in the comments below thanks for watching, and see you next time!!


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