How to Draw Magic Objects : How to Draw Fire

Alright folks, in this clip in the series
we’re learning how to draw magical objects and in this particular clip I’m going to teach
you how to draw magic fire, fire coming out of someone’s hands. So we’re going to do that
right down here in this corner. I’m going to start by first drawing, you know, roughly
the shape of someone’s head who might be holding magical fire in their hand. Draw the shape
of their body first.
And then what we do, obviously there’s a myriad of ways you could do this, but I’m just going
to make it seem like they’re just holding fire in the palm of their hand. So you come
in, draw the base of their hand first with their thumb. Draw the finger definition there
just like this. So there’s their palm outstretched kind of like that, and now what we’ll do is
really draw the fire. We’re going to draw first the outer edge of the flame. We’re going
to come kind of up like this. Drawing fire is sort of tricky because it has obviously
a life and shape of its own. So the best way to do it is to draw it in layers. So that
would be the outer edge of the flame right there, and then if you really want to make
it look cool you kind of come in and you just gradually give the fire like inner life. And
if you were to color this thing you’d start on the outer edge with the darker more orange
colors and gradually work your way to the lighter and basically leave the interior white
symbolizing the white heat. So just simply draw it in layers would be to draw it sort
of like this. Make the flame sort of lick you know and kind of make some smoke coming
out of it like that. That’s just the way that fire might look, magical fire might look in
someone’s hand, you know, coming out of the middle of their hand. And obviously you can
add shape and texture to it if you’d like, and you can have it coming up any way you
want to. But that’s just to give you the rough idea of what the pose might be and then the
rough shape of like a flame. The biggest thing to remember is the layers. Start with the
bigger layer. Generally work your way in. Remember the licking flames and darker to
lighter would be the way to color it. Gradually fade it from light to dark. And there you
have it.


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