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So many of you have asked to see a video on
lace pattern, so in this tutorial I’ll show you a couple of ways you can make it. The first way is a little more meticulous.
If you want the mesh of the lace to be more uniform, try making a grid first. I’m drawing
one out, but you can also use grid paper if you prefer. First I’m going to figure out the main elements
that will make up the pattern design. I’m going to repeat these elements I drew
across the whole grid. Then for the trim I added these loops. Now fill in the design. I’m drawing with
a loopy motion to make more of a stitch lace texture. And for the trim, I’m adding more decorative
elements to the loops. If you want to, you can trace the surrounding
grid. I know this will take awhile and may require some patience, but if you are really
in the mood to doodle, this should be fun for you. And I’m rounding the edges here to make
a stitched look. This is where having a grid comes in handy
because you don’t have to think about making the shapes perfect, you can just fill them
in. Here is the finished result. I ended up adding
some darker lines to fill in more space and tie everything together. The second way you can make a lace pattern
is more freehand and might take less time. I’m trying this one on black paper with
a metallic marker. You can also use opaque pens or white paper as well. To start out, I’m making the trim with similar
loops. Then you can make similar elements on the
pattern, however you want to draw them. I’m sticking to small and large flowers on this
one. You may notice lace comes in a lot of floral
designs, so go ahead and get your flower power on while drawing these. For the mesh part, instead of tracing a grid
you can be more freehand and draw connecting loops. I like to start around the elements
and then join them together. And here is the finished lace pattern. I hope you found this video helpful and these
give you an idea on how to make a lace pattern on your next project. Feel free to suggest
other patterns you would like to see in t he comments below. For more lace inspiration, please check out
my Lace Pattern pinterest board link in the description below. I love seeing what you guys make after watching
my videos. So if you have any project pics you would like to share, please post them
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check out my channel. If you liked making a lace pattern, you might also like to try
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