How to Draw I LOVE YOU – Valentine Heart + Bubble Letters – Fun2draw

and everyone this is Mei Yu the creator
of fun2draw today is going to be fun to draw i love you it can draw this for your valentines
cards or for your friends and family for any time this is part of my fun2draw Valentine’s
playlist and a link to that is at the end of this video first all start off with a nice big curve for
the bubble letter I draw a horizontal line and another curve upset right now it looks like I’m drawing a
really rounded rectangle two lines going out yeah ok once you have that i’ll draw the heart starting from here there’s a big curve yeah another big curve on this side yeah that and I’ll fill in cute little face there’s a little smile
and i’ll draw those big Fun2draw eyes starting with big leaf shape for those
who are drawing along with me who are you going to give this to you ok so we have one Fun2draw eye done and for this eye I want to keep it closed
this cute little heart is gonna be winking so I have the leaf shape I drew one
curve inside i’ll draw another curve underneath a little eyelash the cheeks eyebrow ok and for the letter you I’ll draw a
little curve coming out from the heart I’m gonna go down curving up again on
the side and and another like that yeah and just finish up the now i do want to make everything look
shiny as a nice touch so I’ll go in to each letter and the
heart just by putting these little ovals and
circles inside I’m making everything look shinier and
these lines to you can also replace the letter you with something else what will you put there instead let me
know i’ll draw what I’m going to replace and the extra there you go I’m glad to hear more viewers have
purchased my fun2draw apps and that you’re drawing with them if you haven’t already you can find out
more about my apps in my fun2draw app intro video these apps are the only places where
you’ll see how I would draw and color never-before-seen fun2draw characters
they make great holiday and birthday gifts the link to my app intro video is
coming up now


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