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[THEME MUSIC] – Hello, everyone, and welcome
to “Let’s Draw Star Wars,” the show where we,
the art troopers, teach you how to draw
everything “Star Wars.” I’m Art Trooper
Kristin, and as always, here to help me is our
friendly art droid R3A3. Hi, R3. – [SQUEAKS] – R3 has been not
so subtly asking me if I can teach my next
lesson about how to draw my favorite droid, haven’t you? – [WHIRS] – Well, then I have
good news for everyone, because today we’re going to
learn how to draw my favorite, droid CB-23. – [CHATTERS DISAPPOINTEDLY] – Hey, R3, you’re one of
my favorite droids, too. Oops, I think I made him angry. Well, anyway, since
CB-23’s a BB Droid, I’ll also show you how
to draw BB-8 as well. Make sure you stay till the
end to see R3’s drawing. Got your pencils ready? Then let’s get started. CB-23 joined Kazudo Xiono on the
Colossus as a resistance spy. Serving as co-pilot
and friend, CB often gets Kaz out of trouble and
uses her grappling cords to thwart the First Order. At first, CB and BB-8 butt
heads because CB tends to be more assertive, but
after a few adventures, they became great friends. CB-23 built upon the
last lesson we did. Her body is a sphere
like the Death Star, and her head is a cylinder
like a light saber. Here’s how to draw CB-23
in three simple steps. Step one, we draw a
circle, and that’s supposed to be the sphere of her body. Next, we’re going to
draw an ellipse that sits right on the top of the sphere. This is where the bottom of her
head fits on top of her body. Then, above that, is
going to be a smaller ellipse for the cylinder
of the top of her head. For step two, we’re
going to connect the smaller ellipse to
the bigger one using a curved line on both sides. And then we’re going
to draw one large eye. For step three, we’ll be
filling out all the details. Now, don’t be overwhelmed by
the amount of things to draw. When you break it
down piece by piece, you’ll see that it’s
actually just a bunch of basic lines and shapes. We’ll be starting
with CB-23’s head by giving her her
antennas, drawing the lines around her head,
and then shading in her eye. Then we’ll move on to
the circles on her body. After that, we’ll draw on all
the little screws and bolts that keep CB-23 together. And finally, we’ll fill
in the little greebles on her body, which are also
just basic lines and shapes. Step one, draw the sphere body. Doesn’t matter if it’s messy
because we got the dark pencil to go over it at the end. So once you have
her body, I’m gonna to draw the base of her head,
which is just another ellipse. So there’s the bottom, and
then the top of her head, she has a much smaller
top of the cylinder. For step two, we connect the
smaller ellipse to the bigger one using curved lines. Next, we got to draw her eye. For step three, we’re going
to add in the details. On the top of her head, she has
a small lip which we can draw another really tiny cylinder. She also has a little antenna,
and she has this piece of metal coming off of it. She has a pattern
across her head, too, which I want
to add as well. It goes behind her eye. Got that. Now her eye highlight
and big eye. And then when I’m drawing,
the metal is around her eye. Everything is kind of
based off of an ellipse for the cylinders. And then her design, you can
curve the lines to get an idea of how it would be in 3D. And then the
circles on her body. So I’m just going to
generally place three. And next, we’re gonna to
draw the little screws that keep all of the CB-23’s
different parts attached. And then she’s got a second
circle on the inside, and inside of the circles are
different areas where CB keeps all her tools, like
her grappling cord, her little thumbs-up
lighter, and her arms. When I’m not here drawing
on “Let’s Draw Star Wars,” I’m actually an animator
at LucasFilm Animation, and I work on “Star
Wars: Resistance.” So I was really exciting
to draw CB-23 for the show since I see her every day,
and I think she’s adorable. And now I’m going to go
in with my dark pencil. Some people like to
sketch out everything before they do the
final line work, and some people just put in
enough detail to guide them. I tend to do the
latter, but there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Every artist is different,
and it’s fun to experiment and see what works best for you. [MUSIC PLAYING] And that’s my CB-23. And now I’ll show you
how to quickly draw BB-8. Since the body is exactly
the same as CB-23, I’ve already drawn it, so we
can focus on the differences between their heads. We’re still going to draw
an ellipse that sits on top of the sphere, but
this time, we’re going to draw a dome on top
like a sphere cut in half. Like CB-23, BB-8 also
has one large eye, some antennae, and stripes
going around the top and bottom of his head. He also has one small eye. The bottom of his head
goes in at an angle, so I’m going to add that
to my drawing as well. All great artists
use reference so don’t be afraid to pick
up your favorite BB-8 toy when drawing in the details. It’s good to have reference when
drawing because creating art is all about observing
the world around you and using this knowledge to
create and imagine new things that have never existed before. Here, I’m using my BB-8
toy to remind me what patterns he has on his head. Once I have the
details down, I’m going to go in
with my dark pencil to do the final line work. R2-D2 is my original
favorite droid, but BB-8 grew on me quickly. I just love the noises they
make, just their little beeps. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s OK to deviate from
your underdrawing, too. Like in this case,
I don’t really like the curve of that line,
so I’m just gonna redraw it. [MUSIC PLAYING] So I would say that
my BB-8 is finished. And that’s how you draw BB-8. OK, everyone, R3’s
finished with his drawing. Who wants to see
what he’s drawn? – [LOW-PITCHED PURRING] – Oh, BB-23 and
BB-8, best friends. Great job, R3. – [BEEPS] – This is very cute. And that’s it for
today’s lesson. Did you learn something new? Let us know in the comments. – [BEEPS] – Thanks for watching. I’m Kristen, this is R3– – [WHIRS] – –and may the
force be with you. [THEME MUSIC]


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