How to Draw a Tree With Brush Pens – An Oak Tree – How to Draw Trees

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
I am very glad to see you again. Today I will draw a tree
using these nice Japanese brush pens from JetPens. I love drawing with them
because of their softy, they can paint very thin
or thick, depending how you use them. In the information bellow
the video you can see the exact brands, names and links. JetPens was so kind
to send me another set of these for you. To have an opportunity
to win these Japanese brush pens write a comment
on my Facebook page, and to have a second
opportunity to win them, write a comment on my
Google+ page, both links are in the information
bellow the video. Ok, let´s draw the tree, we can start with the trunk using broken lines,
the reason I am using broken lines is because obviously
you cannot erase it and I may want to put some
leaves on parts of it, later. To sketch the general shape,
I use dots, the dots won´t be seen later… Well, if I did a line it would be in our way. You can do little scribbles
for the leaves and put some parts of the branches in between. This is really fun to draw,
I love it. Let´s do some on the other side of the tree. And a few moments later, we have this. This is going to be a pretty thick oak tree and therefore, they will be few blank spaces between the leaves. Let´s draw a few branches here and there. Now it looks to me a little bit flat. The leaves come in bunches
or clusters and each should have a light and shadow. It´s important to draw the shadow
of the tree. Ok, good! Excellent!
Now I´ll draw a trunk very close by. I will do this trunk
very dark to contrast it from the other tree. I use short lines in different
directions and different thicknesses to give the texture
and light and shadow of the tree. I could almost leave it
like this and I think it could look all right,
but as I told you earlier I will do it very dark
for contrast purposes. There you go, that´s
how I wanted it! I hope you liked it
and don´t forget to leave the comments on Facebook
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the links are bellow and I´ll see you on Tuesday. Subtitled by: Grethel Trejo


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