How to Draw a Simple & Easy 3D Effect – Jumping Fish

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will experiment, a simple technique for a 3D effect…
with a jumping fish. First we draw the fish as normally, flat. The body with the fins, the tail,
the eye, the gills from where they breath, and I switch lead
in my Tutto3 mechanical pencil for a harder one for the rest
of the sketch. The water ripples here… and now let´s draw the piece of paper. I was going to do this by hand, but
there is a great invention to make lines straight, so let´s use it! [Laughter] Basically, I will draw a surface,
which will be the piece of paper, in perspective. Like so. Good. So, we will be looking at the fish
straight on, but the paper will be in perspective. This should make the fish pop out. And additionally by the end
we will cut the paper, so it will seem like the fish is jumping out of it. And let´s draw the scales. We will first outline them and
then, we will shade. By the way, I´m not sure
if you like listening to podcasts there is so much good information
in some of them, that I have become a bit addicted [laughter] often I listen to one of them
while I am drawing, to learn something new. And
I just found a new one which immediately became
my favorite… because it is all about the
future of art, and the intersection between art and technology. It´s very interesting! The name of the podcast is
¨State of the Art¨ It is totally free of course
and you can find it on iTunes. If you have some other art related
podcast that you like a lot please let me know in the comments,
I am always interested in learning. Ok, good! So we drew the fish,
and now inside of the surface that we outlined in perspective,
let´s draw the water. Some ripples… here and I will draw some waves
on this other side some little waves like so. Good! I like it how it is looking already. I smudge with a chamois and then draw some droplets. I smudged because I want all
that surface to have a tone and not to be totally white,
so that the whites of the fish will stand out. All the water should be
on gray tones, while the fish should be much more contrasting. Ok, we are nearly there.
I just darken a little bit more, and now I will cut the paper
with scissors. Right on the line that we made. like this. And I will speed out the shot
because I think this is not very fun to watch [laughter]. Once I put it down,
we will be looking at it straight from above, but it may look like we are
looking at it from the side, because of the shape of the paper. Let´s try it on a blue background and see how it looks. Ok good! ¡Excelente! And I will just lift the corner of the paper. It´s ready! Please let me know what
do you think. And if you enjoy it please give it a LIKE! Share it to your friends
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on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


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