How to Draw a Realistic Eye – With Pencil- Drawing Tutorial

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we are going to draw… an eye. I want it, to be from here to here. We begin by sketching
the internal shape of the eyelids. First the upper, and then the lower. Here goes the lacrimal,
and I´ll do the upper lid more arched, like this. Good! Then we draw a circle
for the iris, which of course is the part
with color, of the eye. Normally the upper section
is partially cover by the eyelid while the bottom part is visible. Good! Let´s begin shading. I’m working with a hard led, a 3H. Here will go a reflection,
that will help us give it life. I begin the shading of the pupil,
with a very soft led, a 6B, so that it becomes black. We shade the border of the iris
which normally is a little bit darker than the middle section. Between the pupil and the iris
we may get some small stripes, and we give it some texture. We darken some areas, and refine others. Good! This is really fun. We continue shading
and detailing. The eye is usually a little bit
lower on the side toward the nose, and higher, on the other one. We may smudge with a chamois
to get an even and light tone. We give it more shade, to
get more volume, and then we do the eyelids. And we smudge it. With the eraser, we pull
some lights. This looks, very good! I love drawing so much! It is such a pleasure do it. We continue detailing. The list of materials is
in the information below the video. The white part of the eye,
is never totally white. As it is a sphere, it has shadows. And some capillars … And then the eyelashes. This eye begins to look like an eye! Good! I like it how it is coming out! We should give some tone, and texture to the skin. We do it with the pencil, and with the chamois, to then pull some lights, with the eraser. That, gives it a pretty realistic look. And now, the eyebrows. Don´t do a flat dark area,
nor the hairs on a straight line, that, would´t look natural. The once on the edge should be sparing and random. And if we want more volume, we should get some darker shading. We smudge with the chamois,
and are to the last master touches. We may do the brow a little bit thicker… .. and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


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