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hey everyone this is mei yu the creator
of fun2draw today it’ll be fun to draw a cute heart lollipop with candy sprinkles this is part of my Fun2draw Valentine
playlist where you can see over 20 cute easy drawings they can do for your
friends this Valentine’s i hope this helped you surprise them with your own
bunch of valentines cards and the link is at the end first I’ll start with a heart shape so
I’ll draw a big curve like that I’ll extend this bottom part and now draw another big curve going the
other way and i’ll draw that curve down into the point at the point i’ll draw
small circle let’s draw the rest of the book so I
have these really rounded triangles pointing towards each other for the boat
little lines inside yeah and for the stick part of the lollipop
was just wrong a very long skinny ok now for a little face let’s make it a smile and I do a little
tongue sticking out let me look let’s get into those big fun2draw eyes
so I have these two cheek curves draw ovals in there to make them look rosy
just for fun and for the big fun2draw eyes themselves let’s draw a curve going
up towards the top of the heart not quite all the way now to another
curve going down so we have this leaf shape for the fun2draw eye is what we
want strong one more line side a current one yeah alright so once we have this I done stop
big people draw this lollipop licking up the highlight to make the eye look shiny
and to shade the fun2draw eye i’ll start with a diagonal line inside the pupil
just underneath the curve here for the highlight and I’ll shade in this under the highlight I won’t shade the highlight in
because it has to be white for a shiny look and once I have that are shaded let’s
draw these short lines going to i’ll be off to a few of those and the lines get shorter and shorter as I go down I’ll draw another I there’s a leaf shape
with the side by side yeah draw a curve and a highlight I remember when I was in elementary
school a few weeks before valentine’s day i would start to draw and make my
own valentines cards from my classmates and friends and I know many people would
just buy the cards but I preferred to draw my own and I think when i drop my
own valentines cards it was more personal because i had my
artwork image and I felt when I gave it to someone it meant for and I know some of you want
to draw your own too so I called my fun2draw videos can help you guys all right now we have the shape of the
lollipop to make it look very nice that’s looking let’s draw another side
or another part so that’s a squiggly line for the top
part and for the candy sprinkles let’s draw a
bunch of these young circles rounded rectangles just all over the
place I’ve got a few of these poking out from
the edge here are a few more of these walls
changing one’s a little circles if you like to draw more cute food and
if you haven’t already please check out my fun2draw food apps for Apple
devices the link is in the video description now what’s something that will totally
gross this lollipop out please share your ideas in the comments
below and I’ll draw my idea coming up in the extra there we go I’m glad lots of yours have
told me you’ve purchased my beautiful fun2draw dogs and cats apps my fun2draw food apps and my fun2draw
apps no matter if you just start drawing or already have some experience these
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video description for more information check out my fun2draw app demo video
playlist the link is coming up now please subscribe to both my channel if
you haven’t already so you won’t miss new videos thanks for
telling your friends about my drawings see you next time


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