How to Draw a Glass of Water – Hyperrealistic Drawing – Tutorial

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today we are going to draw a glass of water. We begin by sketching an oval for the upper part for the glass. With lose strokes and several
passes, we shape it. Like so. Then the sides, and the oval
for the lower part. For the vertical lines
you may use a ruler. I did it by hand and so maybe it’s not perfect. We erase the marks that
we don´t need. And then we draw the
first white reflections. We are ready to lightly start shading. We give a tone that then
we can smudge with the chamois. On the inside of the glass
I want some curving darker reflections. We smudge it and then
we can pull some lights, with the eraser. Very good! The waterline, and then some
reflections on it. This is going to be a glass
half full because that´s the correct viewpoint! We do some more white reflections, and
to give some dark contrast, we can use the black of the
color pencils. Something like this. Very good! Playing with the black
and with the white, we can give a very interesting effect. Here on the water surface
there will be even brighter lights. I did this with the white pastel, while the softer whites I do them with the white of the color pencils. And the gray shades with the
mechanical pencil. The complete list of materials
is in the information below the video. The cast shadow will be over here,
a good shadow always helps the drawing very much! This is so fun! Drawing is so pleasurable! We place some lines and then smudge to give a tone. We erase some areas
and then, give light! Good! Both lights and shadows
can extend into the sides. I darken this part a little
bit more, so that it gets more volume! By the way the white
works in this case because I am drawing on gray toned
paper, if I were drawing on white paper it would´t show at all. Very good! We give it the last reflections,
the last final touches… and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE share it to your friends
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