How to Draw a Female Face – Art Tutorial【My Sketching Technique】

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel I’m brushes and bunnies and in this video I’m going to show you how I
draw the female face there have been a lot of requests in my previous videos
asking me to show you guys how I draw a face in my own style so in this video
I’ll be showing you the front facing view the 3/4 view and the profile view
which I’m actually not that great at but I figured I would show you the technique
that I use please note that this is for female faces only I will be doing a
separate video for male faces as well I’m going to try to explain this as best
as I could it’s always a bit hard for me to explain my actions into words but I
did draw some really handy guides they are rough guides but they are mostly the
the guides that I use when drawing faces you can find this on my patreon and it
is available for my patrons I will try to explain it as best as I could
starting with the front facing view of the face when drawing a face no matter
what sort of angle I’ll be drawing I will always start with a circle shape
and this is just the general base of the head for myself and then I will then
expand with a reference line that typically cuts down the center of this
circle and this will determine the angle of the face and where I will draw the
facial features for the front view this is typically right down the center
I will then start with the nose and the nose will appear directly on the line at
the very bottom line of the circle sometimes it will appear above sometimes
it will appear directly on the line it really depends what sort of features I
am going for but typically I will draw it above the circle in terms of placing
the eyes in the correct location I usually use the ends of the nostrils so
where the nostrils end this is my indication if I were to draw a line
straight up to the eye location this is where I would start drawing so I would
place the corners for the eyes to align directly with the ends of the nostrils
or the tips of the nostrils in terms of the shape of the eye this will be of
course according to what you want to achieve but I tried to base it on the
width of the nose itself I will tend to draw a little bit
but that’s just my stylistic preference but this is sort of a easy way of kind
of proportioning your eye to your nose shape as for drawing the lips and mouth
I typically use the eyes or the pupils of the eyes as an indicator of where the
corners of the lips will end so basically if you take the pupils if you
draw the pupils of your eye and you draw a straight line downwards down the face
you will basically align the corners of your lips with that line that lines up
with the pupils of the eye so that’s how I determine the width of the mouth as
for the location or placement of the lips in general or if the mouth in
general I basically take half of the length of the nose to determine how much
space will appear between the nose and the upper lip and from then on I
basically will draw or place the mouth using that space sighs I hope that this
makes sense it’s a little bit hard to describe as for the eyebrows they are
generally much longer than your eye shape again this depends on the
character you’re drawing I typically like to start drawing them before the
eye and extend them out outside or further than the eye is drawn and so I
like to have longer eyebrows and in general for the ear I have to be honest
I don’t really know how to draw them quite properly yet so a lot of you guys
have been letting me know that I’m not putting them in the proper location from
what I understand you have to start drawing them to align with your eye and
also kind of basically draw them so that it aligns with the nose so the entire
space between the eye and the nose is where the ears should be please correct
me if I’m wrong or if I got this wrong down below in the video comment but I
I’ve been trying my best to learn this for the hairline I typically like to
take the space between the eyebrows and the top of the circle and cut it more or
less in half and this is where I will start the hairline and the top of the
circle is where I will basically have the top of the head or draw the hair and
from then on I will just draw the hairstyle
again this does the pen of the character or the sort of angle of the face but
generally speaking this is what I will tend to do in regards to the
three-quarter view I really love drawing this view it’s one of my favorites and
it’s actually the easiest one for me I think there’s a lot of expression that
you can capture with the general angle of the kind of three-quarter view and
the trick to drawing the three-quarter view is actually using the reference
lines the line that I draw down the middle of the face and also across to
indicate where the eyes will appear this is where you can really play around with
the angles the general kind of angle or shape of your head and it actually
provides you with a kind of the key location of how to start drawing your
facial expressions on where exactly on the face you should draw this sort of
angled kind of profile or angled kind of facial expression in terms of the rules
of drawing in the 3/4 view it’s pretty much the same as the front view that I
talked about already Laure unless you want to utilize the
circle as an indicator of where to draw the nose and from then on you want to
draw the eyes according to the width of the nose of course you need to adjust
according to the actual angle so for example the the eye that is kind of
hidden behind the nose needs to be drawn a little bit more maybe a bit smaller or
on a different type of angle and this honestly comes with practice there’s
nothing really that I could show you how to do perhaps in a more detailed video
but more or less the rules still apply in terms of how to basically draw where
to draw the mouth where to add the eyes where to like the length the mouth for
example everything I’ve talked about already is applicable for the 3/4 view the profile view is perhaps one of the
only views that I don’t practice nearly enough as I should and I probably need
to practice a lot more and so you’re gonna see it right now got him drawing
something but I had to kind of refix it halfway through because the the base of
the skull was just not large enough for her head or for her facial features but
generally speaking the rules do apply the same you start off with a with a
circle and instead of using the reference lines like the profile 3/4
view by drawing in the center or cross in this case you want to use it as to
basically just draw up a draw right away um so I I start with a kind of a curved
line from the top or the front of the face and then I would immediately draw
the jaw and it would end about halfway through the the back of the circle so
yeah this is more or less how I would start drawing the profile and yeah from
then on I would start drawing the facial features like with the same sort of
rules that I’ve already applied with the 3/4 in the profile and the the
front-facing view where the nose aligns with the end or the bottom line of the
circle and then the mouth as well is essentially like the corners of the lips
aligned with the pupil of the eye more or less the same rules that I’ve already
talked about I do find this the trickiest one so I do apologize if I
don’t explain this properly or if I’m lacking some of the basic fundamentals
of drawing this face or the the profile view um there are like I need to say
that there are a lot of wonderful resources out there that you can look at
on Pinterest and also just drawing books in general as you find just drawing it
for yourself first really does help and then you can like look at more help
guides in terms of learning more of the fundamentals of drawing the faces in
general I hope that this video is helpful for
you to give you sort of like insights to the way that I draw characters and draw
faces in general again this is only for females I will be working on a male
version very soon if you guys have any other sort of requests on what you want
me to show you please let me know in the comments down below
I love reading your ideas and what you would like for me to do and yeah I’ll
see if I can if I can do it just keep in mind I can’t draw everything yet so I’ve
been practicing very very hard to get this sort of portrait work right but
yeah I hope that this video did help you also to learn some of the basic
fundamentals I’m sorry and I do apologize if I missed out on specifics
I’m really not good at explaining like on a technical perspective of like
exactly you know yeah like from this like point on like you just split it to 3/4
or like you know just getting it to the really nitty-gritty details I find this
kind of complicated for even for myself to learn from so I try to break it down
even further than that by just going to you know simple using simple geometric
shapes and also using simple reference lines so in that case my drawings may not
be as accurate as they should but then again I’m not going for a realism look
and this is more of like showing you guys this is the style that I I do or
the style that I’m actively pursuing so I do hope that this video did help you
thanks once again for watching this video please give it a big thumbs up if
you did don’t forget to subscribe to my art channel for more art videos live
streams and product reviews and yeah I wish you guys all a lovely day and keep
trying keep being awesome and we will see each other very soon

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