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everyone this is Mei Yu the creator of
fun2draw welcome to tutorial Thursday today it’s going to be fun to draw and
color super cute crayon box step by step all right let’s draw a super cute crayon box step by step with my big huge fun2draw eyes then i’m going to show you
how to color it to make a drawing extra amazing first I’m going to take a CD case like
this and i think is a really help you with the straight lines of the crystal
box i’m going to set it down right here in
the middle of my drawing and basically I’m just going to go around the sides to
make the basic shape of the crayon box so there’s a top-line I’m going down
here and now straw the bottom make a little curve like that and then i’ll draw the other side alright so we have the basic sides all
drawn let me just finish up the little curved
corners like that and now let’s go into the opening of the
crayon box I’m going to have six crowns poking out
all lined up and poking out from the crowd books so let’s draw a line like
this and a little bit thicker so you can see for the opening I’ll connect that they’re so all the little crowns are
going to be lined up in this area and for the actual crayons i’m going to show you how to draw six of
them step by step starting with a long line going across so I have a little gap from the top here
and i’m going to draw a shorter line this is going to help me draw the top
part of the crowds now for the sides I like to draw just a line like this so I have one side now let’s draw the
other side like that ok it doesn’t really look like a crayon for
now but i’m going to show you how to separate and section off this whole
rectangle to make six different crowds so first if you take a look at the
length of this rectangle let’s find the middle part I’ll just
divide it roughly into half it doesn’t have to be exact so here is
around the middle part of the rectangle and then let’s draw a line going down so
i have two different sections each section is going to have three crayons
to make the six crayons in total so to divide this section first into three
crowns I’m going to pick a point may be right there and then another dot
may be right there and then i’m going to draw the lines going down they’ll have to be the exact same with
if you have one crown that’s a little bit wider than the other one I don’t think you have to worry too much
it doesn’t have to be perfect or exact ok so we have three different crowds let’s do the same thing on this side so
maybe here’s one and here’s the other one and I’ll just draw the lines going down
like that okay great so now we have six little
crowns but now we true now we need to draw the tops i’m going
to show you a really easy way to draw the tops of the crowns or the tips I’m
going to start with the first crayon right here and basically up here i’ll
draw on upside down letter V like this going up and then another one going down
I’m going to draw a second crowns tip let’s go up and then go right back down
basically just repeat that all the way along for the rest of the grounds so here’s the other one and two more you can always pause this video whenever
you like alright so we have all the different basic shapes of the crayons
drawn there’s something I want to do before i
move into the box I want to make the crayons look more
like crowds by adding a curve so this curve also makes the crown look
more round two I like to leave a space and draw another
curve underneath so this is a great way to make the crayon
look like it has paper wrapped around it now i’m going to draw the same thing for
the second one first occur and second curve and let’s follow along
with the rest of the crayons ok two more so here’s your two curves
and the last crayon let’s get those curves in there there
you go alright so we’re done with the crayons
for now and for the box you know what I want to make this box
look even more like a crayon box and not just any box with crayons in there so I’m
going to take my CD case here and i want to draw a simple design for the corner like that that’s a diagonal line and i
have for the corner and then let’s draw one more make it a little bit wider and I have a
little space in there to make another diagonal line all right for this side I’ll do the same
thing the triangles don’t have to be exactly
matching as long as you have something that’s close to it that’s all right it doesn’t have to be
perfect ok so i have this corner and i’m going
to draw like that and then I move a little bit
down to draw the other diagonal line just like that alright so we have these simple designs
in the box now i’m going to show you a very simple
way to make this box look like is smiling let’s just draw a small white letter you isn’t that simple are you so cute all right now let’s move on into those
big fun2draw eyes and I’ll show you a really easy way to draw them step with
them first let’s begin with a cheek grip on
this side like that and now i’m going to draw another cheek
curve on the other side here like this it once we have these cheek
lines I’ll start with this eye first I dot the spot right there where I’m going
to start one of the curves for a big fun2draw eye I’m curving up and now go right back down to form a
rounded triangle or a leaf shape for the fun2draw eye let’s draw one more curve inside the eye
to make this part this side of the eye and I’m going to make it all nice and
dark now if you’re one of the viewers have been requesting for this please let me know in the comments below
okay so what’s this is all nice and dark I like to draw the other fun2draw eye on
this side so let’s draw another curve going down like that make that a little bit bigger there we
go and then another curve on this side with
a curve to make side of the eye ok of course this is all nice and dark
as well so shade in that part and as for the pupils I like to make this box looking up
towards the little crayons so for the pupil I like to draw a big
curve let’s start with this eye like that aww so for the big pupils always
make the character look extra cute I think and from this I here let’s make the people like that and then I’m going to draw a big
highlight like that and like that for each eye and to shade in the fun2draw eyes this is how i’m going to draw it step by
step I’m going to pick a spot underneath here without the spot under the
highlight I’ll draw a diagonal line going up and
then this area is going to be all dark ok once that’s over shaded in I’m just
going to draw three more lines to complete the shading from dark to light
and that’s how simple is going to be so i’m going to pick a spot underneath here
like that and draw one diagonal line going up the first line is going to be
the longest for the second line it will be a little bit shorter so I’m going to leave a gap and dot the
spot draw the second line and the third line
is going to be the shortest so leave again dot the spot and then right there alright so we have the shading on the
phone and drive from dark too late for this I i’ll do the same thing when i go
a little bit faster now so pick a spot underneath here go up diagonally shade in everything in this area and for
the three lines let’s just get them in there so the first line is the longest the
second line is shorter and now the third line was just like the baby of the bunch ok that’s how you can share in the
fun2draw eyes step with them to complete the face I think I’ll be fun to draw some shoot rosy cheeks oh look at that so adorable and for an extra-friendly
look I like to add little eyebrow starting with a curve go
down a little bit and complete it it’s pretty much like a small curve
triangle there’s the same thing on this side what
do and one more line oh yeah look at that oh he’s adorable ok so that’s how we can
draw a cute crayon box step by step in this tutorial
I’m going to show you how to color step by step using markers like these you can
also use similar markers that you might have already at home or school or you
can use whatever else you like to color with like crayons or pencil crayons it just depends on what you like to use
ok now I’m going to show you how to color this super cute crayon box with
crayola markers so I’m going to take a color that’s kind of like a dark yellow
or a light orange I’m going to color in the face of the box first I like to start by coloring and the
areas that are right by the edges because i think this really helps me
keep all the colors within the drawn lines but in case you have some color
that’s feeling over the lines don’t worry about it it doesn’t have to
be perfect ok we have this side here and then from
the bottom oh just color it a little bit like that so once we have this kind of colored
outline of the face going on now i’m going to color in the rest
inside and thanks to everyone who told me in my previous fun2draw videos that
you really like how I slow down in my drawings and that it really helps you to
follow along I’m going to keep drawing for you guys
and I hope lots of you will learn even more thanks for keeping subscribe to everyone we’re going to learn a lot more cute
easy and fun cartoons looking forward to it ok so I’m going to color around these
cheeks here so I don’t accidentally color in the rosy cheeks because i have
another color plant for these cute cheeks I’m just going to color right across the
belt because that’s all black so we don’t have to worry about coming around
it once we have this colored let’s go into
the other side of the face ok just color around the eye and finish
it up ok so once we have the major part of the
face done I like to color these corners and i’m
going to pick two different green colors to help me with that first I like to choose a really nice
bright green like that to color in the skinny fit right here oh yeah that’s nice right green look at that alright so we have
this really brilliant green going on contrast with that I like to choose
a darker green for the actual corners so let’s pick a dark green like this there we go oh yeah let’s get that green
in there that’s a really nice combination of dark
and light green so I’m going to color around the edge
and along this side here and fill it ok let’s do the same thing on this side ok ok okay before we move on into coloring
these little crayons I like to color the face and because the
main part of the face is like a really nice bright yellow I want the eyes to stand out and i’ll
choose a color that’s quite different from yellow so what can we choose here I think we
will be nice so here’s a nice light blue kind of like
a turquoise color and I’ll color in the I like this all right those are some nice looking blue eyes
and for the cheeks you know what i like to do this let’s
colour the cheeks a really nice rosy pink for the eyebrows I wanted to stand out
from the light face so i think a dark brown would do just like that so here’s a nice dark brown I’ll color the eyebrows and as for the back part of the box I want to choose something that’s going
to bring out the colors of the crayons so maybe nothing too bright I like to go with me like a very light
brown and I’ll color around the little crayons like that and around the
edge of the box too so its color in between these crowns
here just like that oh yeah this is looking
good I can’t wait to see the colors of the
crayons I think they’re going to be super bright ok let’s do one more in here and then let’s go to the outside and the
crayon like that and finish up coloring the rest of the
outer part ok so once we have this feeling it ok right now prepare for some gorgeous
colors alright so first I’m going to color the
first crowd and i like to use red let’s use red for the first little crayon
I think they’ll be awesome look at that bright red yeah that looks
so good so I’m coloring and the top part I’m
going down into the crayon and i’m coloring around all the different lines
inside the crayon ok so once we have that fill it in yeah okay that’s nice looking red now let’s color this one orange who
orange is also really pretty right color fill in the top part get the side in
there go along the edges and and building ok now for this color it’s going to be yellow but because i
don’t want this crayon too much exactly like the face of the box i’m going to choose a different yellow
this yellow here I think it’s a good choice because as
you’re going to see in a moment the color is going to be a lot brighter look at that that is nice there’s some nice bright yellow so it’s not like the gold yellow like
this it’s quite bright ok now i’m going to go ahead and color
in the rest of the crowds so this crowd is going to be a really
bright green like the cup like the green that we did there I really like this green because it’s
just super bright and happy it’s a happy green ok i like to use blue now so let’s get a
nice blue color maybe not the turquoise I want to choose
a little bit of a different blue for more variation so this blue I think will be really nice let’s see oh yeah that’s a nice blue looking good this is like a really nice
sky blue ok and then we’ll fill it in with that
nice sky blue just like that ok one more color and that’s going to be
purple I love purple I think this purple look
nice so this is going to be like a violet and
actually the color is going to be a little bit different from the cap you can see the cap the colors got a slightly different but
that’s all right I like this color yeah ok ok so that’s how you can draw and color
a super cute crayon box step by step but you know
what i think there’s one more thing I’d like to show you I’ll show you how to
bring these cute crayons alive and make them extra adorable so first let’s go with the first crayon
here and you know what she’s the first crayon in the box so I
think she’s gonna be super happy I’m drawing these cute little smiley
eyes like that like upside down letter U’s and let’s give her a big smile oh yeah there you go she is really happy
to be first now for the second crayon let’s say
orange hmm let’s give them a different
expression i’m driving his letter use for the eyes and for the mouth let’s draw it a little bit open like
this and it looks like he’s sleeping on the job or something ok for the third tray on let’s have some
fun with this guy he’s going like Oh so I have the super cute eyes and the
fourth crayon green well is green so why don’t we make him
look like this and run little swirlies for the eyes and a little wavy line for
the mouth so it looks like he’s nauseous or dizzy he’s all green and for this crayon I think I like a cheerful crayon so let’s
draw another really happy crown right here with a really happy smile and last but not least let’s draw
something for the purple crayon well maybe purple’s a little well purple is the last crayon here so maybe
she’s aww look at that she’s sad aww she’s sad because she’s the last
crayon Oh purple we still love you okay so it
looks like these crayons are super cute and we’ve got the crayon box to go with
it there we go well that was fun to draw
and color please tell me which crayon is your
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