How To Design Your Own Doll | Dumyé DIY Doll Making Kit

Your first step in creating your dream doll,
your snuggle buddy, your BFF,
is designing it. I want you to close your eyes
and think. Think about
How old is your doll What makes it extraordinary? What its favorite thing to do? What does it dream of? Now, open your eyes And take that image that’s in your head And put it down on paper You can use the markers that came inside your kit Or you can grab some color pencils that you have laying around the house. I just want you to get sketching
And I don’t want you to take it too seriously The picture is not supposed to be perfect
Its supposed to be a reference point For you to be able to then
bring that doll design to life on your doll The doll is the masterpiece
Not the drawing Now as you know for evey doll kit purchased
we gift another doll to a child in need In fact these doll kits, are inspired
by the doll making workshop We’ve been holding in orphanages,
and refugee camps around the world And since those kids have already done
What you are about to do I thought I’d share some of their work with
you To get you inspired If you’d like some additional inspiration
Or some extra sheets to sketch on No problem
I’ve included a free download below Just click the link
And enjoy!

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