How to create an Exploded view Sketch in perspective?

exploded views why are they important
for industrial designers manufacturing and product development how are they
done what are they used for I’m gonna show you how I created a sketch of this
exploded view today’s video is sponsored by PCB way right now they have a one
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see the link below in the description my name is Eric Strebel I’m an industrial
designer welcome to my channel about product design and making I hope that
you like and joy and become a subscriber one of my clients asked me to help them
redesign an existing scented oil warmer and this is a very classic industrial
design project in the sense that we need to use some existing components in this
case the plug that you see here and then the resistor that I’m trying to remove
one of the great things too about being an industrial designer is that you get
to take things apart and it really helps you learn how things are put together
actually and how things are manufactured because if you can take it apart because
ultimately it has to be put together this will help you to become a better
designer to understand how things actually go together so existing
componentry here plug on the right resistor on the left and that resistor
gets warm when you plug it in and it heats up the oil in the wick from the
refill unit and atomizes it and puts it into the air and we’re gonna make a
little base for this so to make this exploded view I’m gonna build a mock-up
so that that will help me easier it’ll be easier for me to make a sketch of
this exploded view to have all the components I can stack them up in 3d
sketch on top of that photograph and then create the sketch with all the
information changes and details that are needed so that the team can
look at that and see if that that’s how they want to manufacture the product so
the client wants their product to look a little bit more like the airwick unit
and so we are going to take apart an existing air wick eunuch you can see the
construction of this is almost identical to the other one simple plug and then a
resistor that heats up but we want to have ours is styled a little bit more
like the existing air wick unit to compete against that so I’m taking one
of those apart and we’re gonna kind of cannibalize that and that’s how to help
us work around the patents or any legal issues that we may have so we don’t make
the exactly the same but we use that as a guide to help us with that product and
I’m just making a little base here this is purely out of foam core 1/2 inch here
and you can watch some of my other videos about building foam core models
I’ll link to that up here on the right all right
I need to build some sort of a structure to hang all of these actual parts on so
that I can create the exploded view that you saw in the beginning and make it
look the way I want I’m going to just start with some simple materials here
which is a simple dowel I’m gonna drill a hole in the top of this dowel and
that’ll become obvious why I’m doing that here in just a second you all know
that I hate hot glue in this case we’re building a very quick mock-up so hot
glue is the right material to use as it’s very quick and fast and allows me
to quickly heat this up to build the mock-up because ultimately I need to do
a sketch of this we’re going to drop in a couple of brass rods here
and the wood holds up the base the brass rods will hold up the top piece the hot
glue is easy and quick and allows me to hold and adjust the pieces in the right
place the way I want quickly and easily so here’s the top view of the piece it
also lets me line it up I happen to be using the the bosses that the actual
part is put together with all the through holes and stuff like that and
that works perfect here for my structure to hold all the parts in 3d space to
make this so now we want to use the existing parts that we have and we’re
using the existing plug here and I’m going to attach a plastic straw as a
standoff hold that in place all right I’ve cut the straw down to the
length that I want and we’re gonna hot glue that to the back of the part where
it will go when it gets assembled so we’ll just glue that in pop in the
little heating element that’ll get attached in the right place
so the really nice thing too about making a 3d mock-up like this first is
that I get to have the wires they’re gonna have a little bit of life and a
little bit of realism to them when we go to the mock-up so here I’ve set this up
in my photo booth it is top lit with one major light and then some light from my
left and I put up my grid my cutting board my cutting mat on the right and
this gives me my perspective grid I like doing my exploded views with a little
bit of flair so it’s shot from down low it’s a little bit more dramatic kind of
hero like and I put in my grid and I used the mat the cutting mat to help me
put in my grid and I’m just erasing out the background that I do not need
anymore so that I can go in and have a nice clean sketch and sketch on top of
that this was done about a year ago and I was still using Photoshop at that
point this bottle is a bottle that I designed you can buy these scented oil
warmers at CVS under the total healthcare brand the bottle in this
picture is a glass one they did not go into production as glass they went into
production as plastic I tried I was trying to save the planet
so now we’re just sketching over the existing image to get the important
pieces that we want we’ll change some of the construction details here and there
and the exterior as well I can see I changed the way this thing goes together
and kind of simplify it and here we’re even doing dotted lines to indicate that
airs you can see through the part to see the part behind it so all I’m trying to
do here is create the line drawing based on the mock-up that I’ve built and I
don’t really want all the shading or anything like that I just want a line
drawing to indicate what the part will look like and that underlay or the
photograph is my underlay for the object I’m just coming back kind of cleaning up
some of the lines adding the little adjuster cone at the top adding in the
thickness the snaps to show how it would all be put together to make things as
realistic this way the molder can take a look at this before we go ahead and
create the data to see if it’s something that they can make and then if they buy
off on that and management buys off on that then I know that that’s what it is
that I’m going to be modeling in the computer and shooting for for production
all right we’ve got the line drawing put together and now we’re going to add some
value to these objects to make them a little bit more 3d so that it can be
easily read and understood I add the simple shading drop shadow on the bottle
first at the bottom and then on separate layers we just go through and start
adding value to all the surfaces again I know that my major light sources from
the top and from the left so I basically go through
and add value to all the darker surfaces that are in shadow from that light
source and this starts to make this object to come alive and have a little
bit of depth so all the surfaces that are facing away from the light source
those are the darkest this happens to be one of them here and then as the
surfaces change in form the value changes as well so remember form change
equals value change and we want to reflect that in our sketch we can also
use a little bit of trickery to add a little bit of value to add depth so
things that are in the background like the backsides of these cones and the
insides of objects they may get a little bit of Darkness or a little bit darker
you’ll see me add that in right here just to show that there the on the
inside and give some depth to the whole sketch lastly no good industrial design
sketch is complete until you add notes and these notes are super super
important so that people involved can understand the components possibly what
they’re made out of how they’ll be fabricated materials colors finishes
that sort of thing and that’s the final sketch if you liked the video make sure to give
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