How To Bring Old Paint Back To Life – KITT – Chemical Guys

Hey, how’s it going welcome back to the
Detail Garage. I’m here with Nick and we’re going to take
care of this Pontiac, we’re calling it the dirty bird. It’s full of scratches, contaminants, swirls
marks and water spots. They already washed it in the previous video
and it has already been clayed so I’m going to start the polish using the TORQ 10FX with
a White Hex-Logic Pad. This is our White Light/Medium Polish Pad
in combination with V4 All-In-One Polish + Sealant. I’ve taped off the sides to show you guys the difference. Now that I’m done buffing this side off where
I started I can see a huge difference. The water spots are coming off, swirls are
minor so we are going to finish off the car with V4 we’ll catch you guys in a bit. Alright we are all done polishing this baby
and we are ready to move on to Black Light. I’ve switched over to the Black Hex-Logic
Pad to give me the perfect finish. We’ll fill in all the remaining imperfections
so Nick and I are going to get to it. As you all know we started off with V4 Polish
and now we’re getting ready to buff off Black Light which was our second step. I have Nick here to help me buff it off. Please make sure to give us a thumbs up if
you like this video. We’ll catch you guys next time.


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