how to break-up with your boyfriend | ODSS comedy sketch | Rosa Fairfield

Hi, I’m Rosa Fairfield and you are
watching Oh Ducky Sketch Show, my ducky darlings.
Um, this sketch, you’re about to watch, is about a couple breaking up. No, no, you
heard me correctly, yep a breakup can be funny.
ha ha ha, please subscribe, there’s like an arrow telling you where to go on the
screen right now and enjoy watching the show. I think your hair is silly and I’m breaking up
with you. Oh, ok, that seems like a very valid reason. Earth to Rosa, you’re doing it again.
What? Just drifting off into space. Are we still together?
Yep. Yay. Yay. The weather’s nice. It’s raining. Right.
I made you one of those special sandwiches you like. I’m allergic to
bread remember. Oh right, it’s that guy that I’m having an affair with that likes
the bread. You’re having an affair? Yes. Cool, I’m having one too. What do you think to my
marvelous song? Um, it was good, yeah. What did you think to the message behind the
song? Message? Breaking-up. Uh, well breaking up it’s pretty much every song these
days. It was okay, was it about one of your exes? No. Does this gross you out. Nope. Are you so grossed out now that you
want to break-up with me? I like ketchup. Okay, have you got a text message
at all? Yeah. You’re breaking-up with me Yes, that is correct.
Cool, hmm, I didn’t love you anyway and you also have silly. Huh, yeah I do.
Yeah, so why don’t you take one of the plants with you. Hmm… yeah.
Thanks. Okay, get out of my house. Bye, bye.
I don’t know I was just thinking about couples breaking-up and then I created
this. Thank you for watching, please like, subscribe, comment and I’ll see you on my next video.


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