How to Apply Water Based Topcoat – Hand Application

this video will cover how to apply
high-performance topcoat for use on and/or projects low order easy to apply in Queens up a water HP
can be used as a sealer over paints and stains or as a standalone clear finish when
open the cap and i wanna show you that all water-based finishes our Milky in the can but it’s really important to
stir the can up to get all the flat in compounds of the bottom of the camp and
the lower the scene a product the more often you need to start well you’re
using the product I’m just gonna pour some into my little
tree here I’m gonna work of this and it actually really depends upon the type
underlined finish is going to affect how you can apply
high-performance if the finish is a water-based you can normally apply the
top coating 12 hours if you’re playing over an oil
based stain like our Java wait 72 hours temperature and humidity also impact right times soap it’s colder
human just wait a little bit longer ideal conditions are seventy degrees
Fahrenheit seventy percent relative humidity we’re going to gather application
products here we’re going to use some Paul russia’s and also going to use a a forty over a
nylon pad and the reason we do that is the
forty captures all the little hairs that come from the pad
leave a nice smooth bubble free finish and I’m smaller surfaces like table legs I use a two inch foam brush what’s nice
about that that brushes the same with this the
table leg so put on a nice even coat of finish but on the larger
surfaces like the table tops I’m going to use a larger applicator and
this going to dip my iPad Apple cater into my high performance and just lay down a nice smooths even stroke not going to back Russia too much I just want to come back and lay down a
25 percent overlap just cover up in a dry spots and you can
see how quickly you can do a tabletop much easier looks nice for large projects we
recommend using a sprayer Inc learn more view our Spring video
listed at the end of the segment whatever your application method is we
recommend three to four coats to finish waiting one to two hours between coats
and after sending each coat with either 220 flexible sanding pad or
400 grit sandpaper allow your project here for seven days
before regular use years couple final tips water based products should never be
used to over linseed oil danish oil and palm oils and I knew
would we recommend using sanding sealer in addition to high-performance general
finishes has a full line a professional water-based topcoat concealers

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