Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you a quick design and we’re also gonna bling it up with a nail charm. Let’s get cracking! So, I’m gonna work with this colour first of all, it’s a gorgeous holographic silver. Oh my God, it’s beautiful. And I’m gonna put this all over the nail. You’re not necessarily going to see it all but it’ll give us a nice base to work on. And it is jam-packed with glitter, that. It’s that jam-packed with glitter, we only need one coat. I’ve got some backing paper from a form here and I’m gonna put on to it Serious Black. So, this is gonna be our colour, that we’re gonna use. This is a detailing brush, but it’s not really, really tiny, you know, it’s big enough to hold a decent amount of product. And we’re gonna create this beautiful shape. Adam: Eyebrows.
Kirsty: Eyebrows! Adam: Angry eyebrows.
Kirsty: Angry eyebrow shape. Kirsty: Eyebrows on fleek. We can tell you are a man. You’re just seeing different things. I’m seeing a love heart right now, okay? Adam: Mono brow. Yeah, now I am. At first, could of been a mono brow Kirsty: We are gonna fill this in with black. When you do a design like this, you do want to, you know, real contrasting colours. Now it looks like the Dracula thing. Adam: Now i’ve got you thinking haven’t I. Kirsty: Dracula.
Adam: Dracula’s hairline. Kirsty: Yeah! But what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna continue this line all the way down. This is the most difficult part but what you can do is, I’m gonna make this a bit chunky on purpose. Let me show you what you can do. So, if you take a, like a 3D brush, pop it into, well dampen it with gel residue wipe off solution. You can sweep that line, so you gonna damp it, wipe it off and then use that as a tool to sweep down the sides. This is easier to do than actually drawing a straight line. Then, I’m going to cure that in the lamp. What I’m gonna do now is, I’m going to top coat with the urban graffiti top coat. This is gonna smooth everything out, it’ll seal everything in. Plus, this is a non-sticky top coat, so this has no sticky layer, which is brilliant because who’s got time to be wiping off sticky layers? Ain’t no one got time for that! Our next effect. It’s exciting me because we’re gonna put a nails charm on. I love nail charms! We’ve got quite a few in, let’s just say that. have a little look on the website, there’s like loads of sparkly bits. Gets me a little bit excited like a *magpie* So, what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna use this charm. Oh, it’s beautiful! Oh my God, just look at it! Ooh! Well, if we put one there, one there it will have two eyes. Adam: Dracula! [Inaudible]
Kirsty: [Inaudible] So, we’re gonna put him there and we’re gonna put him on with some acrylic because it’s a charm and it needs to be sturdy. I’m gonna use high speed with a 3D brush to put on the acrylic. We put that on and then we’re gonna press in the charm. We’ll sit it on top and press it in. And what will happen is, the excess will come out the sides, and then what we’re gonna do is clean that up just by scooping it away. So, just scoop the excess away. Like that, it’ll come off really easy because of the topcoat. Because it won’t want to stick immediately, so it just slides off, which is, you know, it just makes the job a lot easier. Oh, it looks like… now it’s reminding me of the 1920s, sort of flapper style. We’re gonna use some mega gloss. I’m gonna put it onto my brush and then what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna run it right around the edge. Gonna do it on the metal part as well, it will help to preserve the colour of the metal, so that coating is on the metal. Not because of that, it’s also going to seal this charm on as well. I’m gonna pop that into the lamp. So, now we’ve done that, that is completely finished. It does remind me of the 1920s now. Adam: Mm-hmm. Kirsty: Soon as you put the stone on, gives it that 1920s vibe. Adam: Rather than the 1820 Dracular vibe. Kirsty: Yeah! There you are guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed that simple video. Have a little go at it, I wanna see how you get on. Don’t forget, if you create any of the looks that we’ve done on all the tutorials, hashtag us and tag us in anything you do so we can have a look because we do do little videos of other people’s work that created, stuff we’ve done. Oh yeah, keep in touch and give us a thumbs up. Subscribe as always and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye bye! What were you doing then? Trying to kill a fly?* Adam: eh Kirsty: were you trying to kill a fly just Adam: What you on about. Kirsty: Oh, because i could just see *noises* Adam: No! Kirsty: Oh, I couldn’t see you. It just sounded like you were trying to kill a fly. Pardon me!


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