Holly Christmas — Fast & Easy Face Painting Tutorial

[Music] hi everyone this is Olga welcome back on my youtube channel today i’m gonna show how to paint a christmas holly i design and i’m starting by stippling some metallic white face stain around the eye covering the cheekbone the temple area and the region above the eyebrow I’m bending three Holly Leafs in one stroke technique and I find that the easiest way to do it is using an angled brush I’m making three guidelines and I’m creating three to four scallops on each side of the leaf filling in the gaps with the lightest green color [Music] avenging a cluster of three berries where the Leafs are converging and I’m making sure that the berries are touching all together I’m adding red glitter on top of the berries while the paint is too wet [Music] for adding more interest into the design I’m painting some swirls and teardrops with dark green paint and I’m dipping a couple of snowflakes around the design [Music] winter holidays and not over yet if you’re looking for some more face painting inspiration check out my other tutorials last but not least I’m adding a fun outline with golf with the gels to make the design shine even more well done I hope you enjoy please like subscribe in command and see you soon in my other videos bye bye [Music]

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