Hilarious Kid Drawings!

Sometimes I can hear Daddy and Bitch wrestling *mortal combat voice* FIGHT! This kid just calls his mom a “bitch” Not the point, Lets keep going. Ha I can tell he’s winning because of the sounds she makes. HOOOOLY SHIIT!! OHMYGOD Is he talking about… *Music starts playing* (cant figure out the right music) No! No, and look at the picture it says “Oooh! Oooh! *music starts* And then the kid just goes “Go dad!” *Laughs* That’s some stuff my friends would say to me Imagine if I did something like this Be like, “Yeah!” Get the W! Get the W! Guys, it’s really not the time.(its reaction time) Can you- can you leave my house actually why are you- why are you here right now, when I’m doing this? Don’t go- Don’t listen outside my door, okay? (Intense background music Why is the kid standing near the door? (Intense background music continues) Like this kid is so innocent, I feel so bad for this kid Well I did- I did say he was innocent but at the same time He called his mom a bitch Daddy and bitch wrestling there’s the power They’re not wrestling! How do I break it to you son? Me and your mommy We’re not wrestling “Then what are you doing daddy?” How’s it going. guys? Welcome to Reaction Time Today we’re looking at some hilarious kid drawings As we know kids are usually very innocent minded ‘Cuz they don’t really know dirty and perverted things as you guys saw here So let’s just look at some more funny drawings And yeah, let’s do this let’s look at the next one I love my whore family *Laughs* Yeah you know good family I love all of them i love my poor family to bring new guys every day I think she definitely Mets whole family no she didn’t she knows how to spell whole family is a live look he looks old enough I love my whole stomach goes over 4.4 for maybe she may I love my horse family maybe she had horses but the horses because too cute with like you messed up okay he’s so happy i love my horse family for 40 where did you learn this toolbar for teachers when I grow up I want to be like mommy oh my god it’s not what I think it is please tell me so i think she works in construction that’s a big shovel working construction and that’s all her employers seeing her money hopefully all right give me a stripper getting around the club and getting some dollar bills you know today oh my god you really want to be like movie you wanted out there on the pole you know it’s actually really hard to get a lot of other body strength I mean you gotta give him credit she don’t want to be like mommy you want to be a construction worker let’s put it that way oh my dad in the best talk ever what my dad is the best cock ever please tell you mean cook cook co ok toc-toc cake own human beings look like in the picture that’s not what they did not mean cook this cannot mean cook look at look I have a high like that that looks like a car right no I mean these kids at you innocently don’t even know what a caucus I hope I know they do there’s Google wrong road rovers alters my dad is the best cock ever what did you receive this talk I really said cost me ten times and I get span of 30 seconds he’s a good cook unless you received some coffee next I like mrs. Edwards she is mighty here I like what she does because what about breaking back met met math did these are not even try to correct maybe had met this girl looks like it does matter we’re gonna teach your future EE during mess with the kids it’s a meth lab is breaking bad yet it is breaking that wasn’t important breaking that also a teacher oh my what is that is not a bunch of animals on the t-shirt is a bunch of allocated teacher does mess confirmed a hundred percent i can imagine this child’s parents just like reading it all he misspells bad that’s why don’t you look in the background talking of this did not sell now picking up massive he’s like yeah actually missed some math yeah that’s definitely was not the true reason for taking back the caption says my cousin babysitter child was not very fond of her he found this letter in his room he left on his debt the letter says here Valerie just a little Martin war another picture of her with our heads cut off like something perhaps make a pickaxe it’s like party gotta get a message to you for watching this video please actually get out of his life do not ever go back and maybe get this kid is crazy it’s not worth it ten dollars an hour is all worth it please I’m scared for your safety and your security look at your even Frau d you’re frowning while your head on the floor your ass didn’t even how official expression because you know you like you’re dead so the fact that you still found in water on the floor just means the best nine get out of his life here’s a kid note i hope you get a lot of presents and a happy merry christmas that’s so adorable and there’s a little picture I mean always use not the best picture is just a kid when you may know my job they always on the bottom and you are fat the home with cheesy two plus two equals four I can do math he does the same kid that that keeps messing with the teacher talking to the statement that kid of you miss Beldon that so you know Mom are literally do math math it’s pronounced that mom mom this is met ok smoking Johnny Saudi react i love sated the fuck is wrong with his children guys just the girl next to me is pretty i collect her hair what my god oh my god that is a picture of the girl with scissors sister all cuts another girl’s hair and just collected without the girl knowing you Larry takes her hair my boy back to them here you really think their hair to take it a lot of girls in fiber probably i doing some drawing the girl behind her she’s like scishow somebody’s cuter crazy i’m telling you this because he’s pretty doesn’t mean you just to collect your hair are you going to put it you’re going to make her own hair out of the girl in front of her own way it’s gonna be extension alright guys without being said you’re going to wrap it up if you guys want to see some more of these photos is hilarious photos that kids you make sure to go to original article down below gonna be the person job alone w said really hope you guys enjoyed this one and i hope you guys click on another video click that circle to subscribe if you’re new to the channel yeah let me know what you guys thought about these somebody’s are absolutely hilarious while some of these actually kinda creep me out I do not think a girl is supposed to cut other girls here just because she is pretty and want to collect her hair that’s weird they always get out a great one and peace out


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