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My name’s Bobby Ackerman. I work at the
Teaching Center here at Pitt. Hey! My name is Sterling Lyon. I’m customer
success manager from Canvas. So Canvas is a learning management system, or an LMS. A lot of what you do with an LMS is deliver content to your students,
communicate with your students, grade their assignments, let them have a place
where they can see their grades and where they stand in the course. So when
you first sign into Canvas, you’re taken to your Canvas dashboard. It’s these
really nice course tiles. Different colors–you can embed images there. From there I can select one of my to-do list items from the right side of my
dashboard and go straight into my work. If I’m a teacher and I need to grade
something, I click on ‘to do,’ I grade it, and I’m done. If I’m a student I click on
‘to do,’ I submit a paper and I’m done. So it’s a really nice and easy user
interface for students and for teachers. When the thing does what you want it to
do and it’s very intuitive and simply designed, it doesn’t take as much time
and so that means you’re able to then spend your time focusing on your content,
on your discipline, on teaching your course. The team at Pitt is wonderful.
They really care about the faculty and students here and they want to see a
better use of an LMS. We’ve been on our current system
for 20 years. A little while back we spent some time looking at what else is
out there and really quickly identified Canvas as the leader. They have
dedicated two full days to make sure that they understand why we’re using
Canvas, how we’re going to promote it, and the goals that we’re gonna set in place
to make sure that faculty are able to do what it is that students want and that
students are able to do what faculty need them to do as well. We’re really
looking at how do we set things up. So how do we get things ready for faculty
to get in there and start building their courses. So we have to answer some
questions about how do we handle enrollments and how do we make sure everything’s secure? What does the data look like? A lot of really
technical things need to happen before we can get it in the hands of our
faculty and our students. At Pitt, we hope that students will wake up to Canvas, be
able to use it for all their courses for faculty we’re hoping the same but
they’re able to use it from day to day without any trouble. What we’re really
excited about is what this means for teaching and learning.

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