Japanese legends are back to Scary Tuesdays
here on Draw The Life TikTak. It’s been a while since we shared a scary Japanese legend
with you! Today we’ll talk about Hachishakusama, a terrible
and horrifying Japanese spirit with the shape of a woman, who kidnaps children. This Japanese
cousin to Slenderman has all the little kids terrified. They say that Hachishakusama means something
similar to “the 8 feet tall lady”. Hachi means 8, Shaku refers to an ancient Japanese measurement
unit, approximately 2.5 – 3 meters, and Sama means “miss” or “lady”, which is usually used
as a sign of respect towards people who are superior to you in some way. The legend says that Hachishakusama was imprisoned
years ago in four small “jizo” statues. However, one of the statues broke, and that gave her
the opportunity to escape from her prison. Here we bring you the story of a young boy
who managed to survive the spirit when he was just 8 years old: Every summer my parents would bring me to
my grandparents’ house in a small rural town in Japan. I would feel very free in there.
A hot afternoon, while I was resting on the grass of the yard, I heard a strange sound.
I didn’t know where it was coming from, but because I’m curious by nature I decided to
look around. It sounded like a deep voice, and it was saying
something like “…”, like if someone was talking to himself or herself. I noticed that over the hedge there was a
woman’s hat. The sound was coming from there, and the hat was moving. That was a very weird
sight because what I was seeing could not have been a person. How could someone be so
tall? I took a closer look, and I saw her. I saw an extremely tall woman between the
branches, and her arms and legs seemed infinite. She had long, black hair, and you could barely
see her face. She had a long black dress that matched her hat. I wanted to get closer, but
the woman got away, taking her weird sounds with her. When I got back home I found my grandparents
drinking tea in the kitchen, and I told them what had happened. They didn’t pay much attention
to what I was saying… but when I mentioned the height of that woman, and the sounds she
was making, both of my grandparents turned pale. My grandma stopped herself from screaming.
My grandpa, with a very serious look, took me by the arm and made me repeat all the details
of where I was and when it happened. Grandpa ran out of the kitchen and grabbed
the phone on the hallway to call someone. I stayed in the kitchen with my grandma. I
was very scared, and she was trembling in fear. My grandpa told us he had to go out
for a moment, and asked my grandma not to take her eyes off me. Crying, I asked grandma
what was going on. With sadness she said: “Hachishakusama has put her eyes on you.” That spirit is a being that searches for children
in order to take advantage of them, because they are easier to deceive. Thus, when a child
is “of the liking” of Hachishakusama, that child will be doomed: The spirit will kidnap
the kid, and he or she will disappear forever. My grandpa, determined to defend me, went
out to search for a witch capable of confronting Hachishakusama. The witch ordered me to stay
in my room, locked me up in there, and told me that I couldn’t go out under any circumstance
before 7:00 am. Before leaving me alone, she placed four bowls
of salt in the four corners of my room, and also placed an image of Buddha that I should
pray to whenever I felt fear. She gave me a piece of parchment, and told me to keep
it in my hand at all times. I spent the night completely alone, hearing
strange sounds outside the window, including the familiar “…” sound which announced the
arrival of Hachishakusama. I suddenly heard the voice of my grandpa, asking me how I was
feeling. He told me that if I was afraid, all I had to do was open the door… and I
felt so much fear that I almost opened it. But fortunately, I quickly remembered what
the witch told me, and trembling in fear I knelt before the Buddha and prayed repeatedly,
terrified and crying. The salt in the bowls was turning dark. That night felt never-ending, and the tapping
on the window was not stopping. When sunrise finally came, the salt was completely black.
I looked at the clock, and saw that I could now get out of my room. My grandparents cried
of happiness when they saw me safe and sound. My grandpa, without delay, took all of us
out of the house, and got me in a van, in the middle of eight men from the town. The
witch was driving. Sitting among those men, all of them relatives
of the witch, they told me that although I was in big trouble, all I had to do was keep
my head down and my eyes closed, as only I could see Hachishakusama. However… when
they tell you to close your eyes, that only entices you to open them more, doesn’t it?
And I did. I kept my head down, but saw her outside the window, floating by the side of
the van, with a white dress. She put her face close to the window. I screamed, and closed
my eyes as strongly as I could while squeezing the parchment I was given the previous night. The others couldn’t see her, nor hear the
chilling sounds she was making, but they could hear when she was tapping the body and windows
of the van. K-san, the witch, started to pray so loudly that her prayer turned into screaming.
After pray-screaming for a while, the sounds and the tapping ceased. And this is the story of how I survived. I
could never go back to my grandparents’ house, as I run the risk of the spirit kidnapping
me and finishing what she set out to do. We don’t know what it is that she does to
her victims, but some say that she feeds off the young essence of her preys.


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