Graphic Design at York College

(upbeat instrumental music) – We’re in the York College Gallery at the senior graphic design exhibition. Aspiration Magazine by Lina Than. She wrote, designed,
illustrated and produced a gorgeous magazine all about lettering. This was her aspiration to create an entire magazine herself. – I wanted to really
explore my own lettering, because I wanted to show off
sort of like what I could do. So these are all my letters
and things from my sketchbooks, things that I’ve actually finished. I’m extremely proud of what I’ve done. – Tales from the Black
Forest is by Rebecca Shaffer. Rebecca was very interested in
her family’s German heritage and decided that she wanted to make a very German looking book. So she did all of these
linocuts to illustrate each one of the stories. It’s a marvelous tribute to her family. – I’m really happy with
the finished product. I was able to do my own personal style, just because of like hand carving and the aesthetics of like how my hand
moves and stuff like that. It’s really a great
feeling to kind of add this to my portfolio as well and to kind of help me grow as an artist. – Kendra Miller created a book
called The End of the Yarn, and this book is a
beautiful story about how a little girl sees a piece
of yarn and follows it through this fantastic landscape. Every time we looked at it, everyone got kind of silent,
because it was so beautiful. – All the work in this book was done with watercolors and markers. It’s very like whimsical. I tried to make the whole
thing kind of whimsical. I made the book with
that mindset of wanting to get first place, but
I wasn’t expecting it, so I was really happy about it. – It’s a joy every year to
see these people go from wondering what to do,
to beginning to think about what to do, to a final product. It’s an amazing thing to see.

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