Giant Playing Cards

All right, gentlemen. Raw poker. Acey, deucey, one-eyed Jack. King size playing cards
are giant novelty cards fit for a king. At just under a foot long,
these cards are big-time fun. So why are we selling
playing cards this big? They’re not that big. Look at that ruler. Gigantism aside, they’re
exactly like a regular 52 card deck with four suits of
13 cards plus two jokers. Each card is printed on coated
card stock in full color. Measuring about the same
size as a sheet of paper, the cards are 10 times bigger
than a standard poker deck. The amusingly
oversized cards are sure to bring a
smile to your face, whether you’re building
a dollhouse of cards, keeping cool when it’s hot. I do declare. It is hotter than
a stolen audition tape of Matthew McConaughey. Or performing magic tricks. Go ahead and pick a card. Any card. Go ahead and show it to
your friend if you want. Put it back in the deck. All right, I’m going
to shuffle them. Is this your card? No. This dude sucks. Go ahead and check
your friend’s phone. Why? Check my phone for what? What’d you do to his phone? Just play it. This dude sucks. All right, I’m going
to shuffle them. Is this your card? That is the eight of hearts. What the crap? What the crap? What?! I don’t even know what’s real! You got to be kidding! What the crap? Where’d he go? He was on my phone! What? There he is! Kadabra. [ENGINE CRANKS] [ENGINE CRANKS] Long live king-sized
playing cards. Buy them now at (SINGING)


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