Getting Your Drawings into Your Computer

okay hi I’m echo let’s just get into it so here in the 21st century a lot of artists actually choose to make their artwork digitally and because of this I feel like a lot of people tend to view traditional methods of making art as a little bit outdated and there we have a pencil an artifact from the ancient times used to create art and literature primitive however if you’re anything like me and you still enjoy making artwork with the power of your awkwardly shaped human hands then today I would like to share with you how I get my IRL artwork into my computer first I’m going to point out the obvious photo scanners a scanner is hands-down the easiest and cleanest way to get your artwork from the 3d physical space into the 2d digital space digital however I don’t always have access to a scanner and when I don’t I use this my glorious smartphone extreme phone pinching most of these glorious technology bricks in this futuristic society of ours have very high quality cameras even if your phone is extremely outdated like mine it’s usually enough to get you by as long as you have the technique which I will explain to you now if you’re going to be using your smartphone to photograph your artwork then it’s really important that you pay attention to the lighting the lighting can seriously make or break this process personally I recommend using natural lighting so try and photograph next to a window or outside anywhere where you can get like a solid amount of even lighting on your artwork also avoid you know casting a shadow over the artwork for obvious reasons I find that the easiest way to do is to have the artwork either tilted or upright so that the shadow from your phone isn’t being cast over the paper if it’s like the middle of the night or raining or something another thing that I’ve done before is to take my artwork and just tape it to a bathroom mirror because generally bathrooms have very intense lighting when I try to use man-made light I feel like the part of the paper that is farthest away from the light is always in shadow it’s a very subtle shadow but when you try and clean the artwork later it just makes it so difficult it can really negatively affect your artwork so you know I prefer natural lighting experiment and stuff figure it out make your own methods well the cool when you’re photographing your artwork try make sure that it’s as flat as possible and try to get your camera to be as parallel with the artwork as you can what I’m photographing my artwork I always try and make sure that I’m getting the entire paper so that I can line the edges of the paper up with the side of the screen for me this helps to know that I’m not photographing it at a slight angle because that can negatively affect the artwork later down the line it’s also easier to fix the angle of the photograph if you can see the edges of the paper so now that we’ve got them in your phone now we have to get them from your phone to your computer if you are Apple trash and you have an iPhone and an Apple computer then you can use something called airdrop this is my iPhone her name is Claire and this is my laptop his name is Phoenix and I love him it’s pretty simple you just go to your photos click on the photo that you want to send to your macbook hit the send icon in the lower left-hand corner and then it’s like literally right in the middle of the screen it just says airdrop and then you click it when your computer pops up and there it is on your computer airdrop is usually on the left hand side of any Finder window and then just shows up in your downloads you can also generally just use a cord to connect your phone to your computer a lot of phones also have removable SD cards that you can just plug directly into your laptop or worst case scenario you can always just send it to yourself over email or Dropbox or Google Drive and then just download them onto your computer from the internet it’s that easy lawl JK unfortunately this is not where the process ends because usually these photos aren’t exactly is clean clear or crisp as I would like them to be so this is where photo editing comes in so naturally I’m going to recommend Photoshop because it is the industry standard it is made by professionals for professionals however when I was really little I didn’t have access to Photoshop because it’s an expensive professional program and for that reason I’m actually going to recommend another program called GIMP for me this was one of the first photo editing programs that I ever used it’s completely free it takes like 2 minutes to install it’s a really good beginner’s introduction to photo editing software I still use GIMP on like computers that I don’t have Photoshop installed on for me it’s just kind of like the paint equivalent of Photoshop I’m going to recommend GIMP is kind of like training wheels software if you’ve never used Photoshop and you just want to kind of try out a software to kind of you know test the reins I recommend GIMP so the first thing I usually do is that I will open up the image in GIMP and then I will use the perspective tool to make sure that all the edges are aligned with the borders of the artwork that way if you accidently photograph to the image at a slight angle that will cancel it out and make sure that the image is completely flat if the image is black and white then I just go into the saturation and I completely desaturate the image and just make it black and white from there I go into color and then open up the levels and I adjust it to make sure that it is a solid black and white image and there you have it generally I use this process for my line art so I don’t usually have color in my images you can still do it if there’s color in your images but it’s a little bit more complicated if you guys want like a full-on GIMP tutorial then let me know and all you know I’ll hook you guys up I’ll make it for you I will make it exist like a magician wouldn’t be a necklace video without a little bit of magic now with it since YouTube got rid of the 301 Club I’m going to go ahead and give you 301 awesome points so you can be part of the 301 Club I have a good old days I hope that this fancy tutorial will bring you luck and stuff in your artwork ventures and hopefully I will see you later bye I think that’s it all right magic magic Mike you’ve got some cutscenes oh joy ah blurryface strengthen are you nasty I’m nesting I love her anyway nope nope

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