Five Star Painting® Franchisee of the Year 2017: Scott & Sharon Specker

Congratulations to five star painting franchise of the year Scott and Sharon Specker from Georgia So our franchise is based in Cumming, Georgia, which is north, Atlanta And then we purchased last year in March from another owner in Alpharetta, Georgia, which covers Roswell as well We bought of painting franchise because I reach a point in my career where I felt like I was Not in a good place. I didn’t feel like I could actually Grow and develop to the point where I was going to be truly happy and and I wanted something that was very Tangible that had a start and a finish when we researched it more it seemed like a really great idea and I would agree with Scott it Just you can see your end product And you can see that you have created something beautiful And you’ve improved people’s lives in their home, and that’s their investment Scott and Sharon understand that working with other Dwyer group franchisees not only is the neighborly thing to do But it’s really good for their business Since Dwyer bought five star. We’ve had a lot more attention on our business, so we had a franchise consultant, which we never had before Interacting with other franchisees in the area certainly at some of the larger meetings has helped us So we have a really close relationship with class doctors We knew Window Genie before they were purchased so David and I know each other well The Dwyer reputation has really helped grow our business, it’s all about relationship building, so You know the Dwyer Group really allows us to be able to do that and that works out well, and it’s a win-win for everybody When my dad was in the corporate world he was he was traveling constantly for about two years who had spent Four days of almost like every other week in Toronto, Canada, so I never got the chance to see him oh, no, how it just wasn’t like a pleasant experience I Couldn’t stand out I almost didn’t want to hear about what their activities were before I left Because I was just gonna be sad that I missed everything so with five star I’ve been able to be my son’s lacrosse coach I’ve been very involved in our church I’ve been able to help my son with his Decker program at his high school But the the big thing is the time I just have so much time. I’m always here He’s been able to help bring his business and marketing expertise that he learned for in the corporate world to help with my my Manuals which is like without him. I felt like I would never have gotten as far as I did so I’m not I’m working at four five start painting. I felt like I would never been able to Fully succeed in in deca, which is just truly. I’m truly thankful for This peckers recognized that one of the keys to their success Is following the five star system people asked us if we have a secret formula or something It’s we get a lot of advice from a lot of different people follow their system you bought franchise for a reason you don’t know how to run it they do and I just do exactly what they say maybe a little bit faster a little bit quicker a little bit better But we’ve had great success I’m so proud of the team that we have in place and I’m so Confident that they believe in our system, and they believe in us, and that is so important to us you

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