First Setup With Kodiak Canvas 12 x 9 Cabin Tent + Awning at Blomindon Camping Park

alright hey guys we’re out here for our
first big family camping trip of 2018 and want spend a little bit of time
showing you an base camp up here on the site we’re here at Blomindon
Provincial Park as our first time camping in this park here I’ve been here
a couple of times a couple hiking videos just around the way here but I just want
to show you basically our initial setup we did quite a bit of upgrades since
last year the biggest one of them is the Kodiak canvas tent with the awning and
wall enclosure so we’ll go inside check that out and show you the basic runner
in terms of setting up it’s no more difficult than the modern dome style
tents ears basically all the Stakes or the galvanized poles are comes in sets
of threes and the longest one of the set of three is for the middle and then the
rest is for the size once you get that kind of figured out it takes just as
long as any other tent so this is the model 6133 the Kodiak
canvas 12 x 9 foot cabin tents with deluxe awning also got the side walls
for the enclosure and as we do the walk around here you can see we added a few
things like the footprint and an RV carpet but let’s take a peek inside here
at the screen tent area and let’s take a little peek of the actual sleeping area
of the tent and I’m gonna talk about the screen tent area a little bit some of
the space you can see here and some of the other items that I’ve had dad down
this was the biggest upgrade compared to the Chinook Twin Peaks that we used last
year the floor space basically doubled so we can we have two adult camping
chairs here we’ve got a kid’s camping chair we’ve got a side aluminum table
here that we can just put our stuff on I got a little nice safe area for the
propane heater if you need it at night or a cold morning just want to warm up
one area here and then we have plenty of room here for a guest maybe two more
people can the dog here in the middle and there’s
no tripping around in terms of trying to get around here what happens when you
ditch your Coleman propane lantern you want to use alternative lighting well I
got two products right here I’m gonna go into a little bit more detail
just want to show you how I have them set up here one against the side and the
other one along the top and let’s take a closer look
so for lighting we opted for LED lighting and for the screen tent section
we opted for the Ino Twilight LED lights here we have it just here on the loops
when we were tying the awning if you need it and that jets out just enough
light here at night to be comfortable great night lighting and also the canvas
top here diffuses the lights a little bit so when you’re looking from the
outside from a late evening trip to the outhouse has a nice glow to it so it’s
really cool the other thing that I got for LED lighting and this I just got
this recently is and this is branded woods but you can probably find this as
something else but this is four thousand milliamp battery connected to USB string
of Lights and you notice here that the lights are the ends are magnetic and
this jets out 180 lumens so if you remember headlamps five years ago like
in 2013 hundred and 80 lumens 200 Moomins that was pretty much the top end
so to have basically a headlamp spread out on a LED string kind of convenient
the fact that we can just tap it to the galvanized pipes here which is really
cool and then we got another one for the bedroom if we need it too so that’s what
we’re doing for lighting in this situation so how much room did we gain compared to
the Chinook Twin Peaks 10th on a future last year that we jettison so that we
can no Greek to this so you can see our bidding area we didn’t change any other
gear that we use for the bidding area still have the Coleman double air
mattress that you see here and then you have the Cabela’s cot that I sleep in
right here before then in the other tent remember we had the air mattress and the
cot next to each other and that was pretty much the extent of the area of
the tent so we’ve added another maybe three feet in this direction all the way
down to 8 feet so that the dog has a nice comfortable spot to sleep and even
he has another area right here where I’m standing where you can just move around
and stuff so we got the two side pockets that are clipped on here behind me
behind the camera there’s also a couple of the pockets there which we haven’t
had a chance to use because we were only here for two nights but in terms of
space maneuverability this was fantastic now the other change that we did also or
the new thing that we did here in the screen tent area is added a RV carpet
here at the bottom and you can see that here basically we wanted something to
keep our feet dry and because our Chinook had tarp or floor to keep things
kind of clean so again this tent area is 12 by 9 you can see what this looks like
we’re three people you can easily fit up to six people very comfortably here we
got like lots of room for height wise the peak is 7.5 feet tall the sides or
maybe 511 510 if we go into the screen tent section here with the wall
enclosures the screen tent is 8 by 8 and a half foot again same type of Peaks we
got the additional or the optional wall enclosures with the RV carpet works with
let’s take a little walk outside and take a look at the guidelines very
simple stopper knots the one the only that takes a little bit of time here is
when you do the front with the awning you gotta put the poles into these
sleeves so that the rain doesn’t come in not the same setup in the back but again
the back is very clean you can see here we didn’t put up the side awning here
for the regular but you can see here the setup is pretty good same as the other
videos that you see on this topic the telescopic poles work really good I’m
actually really happy with how these things are working out and the
guidelines I put six down and that’s pretty much all you need we’ve had quite
a bit of wind and the tent held up great here’s the last look at the front of the
awnings again everything rolls up for our screen windows let me know in the
comments what you think what is your setup and we’ll see you
guys next time you

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