Finger Painting Autumn Tree | Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse

The Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse Hey guys, let’s make the fingerprint tree
okay? Yeah! For this you are going to need some paint and also a paper plate to put
it on. Okay? But we’ll use that after. First let’s color. Hey, what color is a
tree trunk? Do you know? That’s right! It’s brown. So, please color it brown, okay? Great! Now, we need our paint. Let’s start
with orange. Yeah! Put some on the plate. Rub your finger in it and it’s time to
make some finger print leaves. Wow! These look great. Let me put some on the ground. Yeah! But grab a tissue and clean off your
finger and let’s do another color. How about yellow. Yeah! hat’s a great fall
color. Let’s try another color. How about brown. Wow!
And the last one let’s do some red leaves too. I like this activity. It’s
really fun. Yeah! And we’re all done. Hey, I know a song about the forest.


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