How’re we doing fellas welcome back to another ROBLOX video Franky me Roblox Follow ImNotJamierebecca on ROBLOX We just doing it out. You know out in the club make it happen *Punch* DAWG Now guys today. We’re gonna be going around some of our favorite roblox games out HERE PEACE OUT HATERS Specifically sketch haters people that dislike me very much. I know there are a lot of them out there, but we just gotta I hate that guy he sucks, and I think I want to start out this video and jailbreak just cuz you don’t just classic jailbreak Well, we’re gonna go around and Rob things, and then we’re gonna get arrested. Well. What a fun time We’re having on roblox Yeah Now my goal is to try to befriend these haters go in undercover Get real close become best friends with my enemies be the best man at their wedding and then when they trust me I’m going to reveal the truth that I am Actually the Steinke sketch boy the poopy pants himself the man they all hate can I get I hate this guy why am I even? subscribed down in the comment section all that I want to see it in the comments so if you guys haven’t noticed I did make a new account so that I would be Undetected fly under the radar and my account name is pee pee pee pee man is here It’s the pee pee man, but I’m also a girl oh You know you got to confuse the enemies never let them know your true identity alright here we go Here’s how you topple an empire with a quick sentence? here hates Sketch and the pals you know we got to test out the water. See how they’re feeling man, don’t you guys? Just hate sketch. He’s the worst right no. Don’t arrest me, please I’ve just tried to spread hate speech about myself. That’s not against the law I don’t think I think I’m alright wait don’t leave me no one hates sketch and the PALS, but they suck come on man What do you what do you mean? It’s so obvious I can see right through your game. No you sucks Oh he hit me with the know you oh, oh You have no money, you know wrong guy. I just made my account okay, cut me some slack Zomboid alright fine I’m out of here clearly everybody in jailbreak huge fans are sketching the PALS alright. Let’s try out bee swarm simulator I’m thinking that maybe because I hate this game There are people in the game that hate me because they know that I dislike it So therefore this must be the place where my enemies gather to plot their revenge on me Hey, who here hates sketch who hates sketch over here any of you guys ninja tree You know like sketch right sketch sucks. Oh my gosh. There’s a giant ladybug ninja look out Oh, Oh your bees killed them very nice And you sketch haters because I hate sketch Wow sucks bad bad guy I don’t think these guys care what I’m talking about sweep ooh. Come on. I know you’re you don’t like me come on I know you you’re a hater you hate you’re all about the H. Eh I know it I see through you sweep, ooh Okay, fine fine G. Okay, no haters, man. This is not going as good as I expected I thought everybody was gonna hate me well I mean it is going good because people don’t hate me But like I figured that at least somebody would somebody in their right mind would despise me Yo, I bet there’s a bunch of haters over in treasure hunt simulator those guys They don’t want any part of me. I think I hope I don’t know. I just want to find somebody Somebody who dislikes me there has to be one guy That’s just like sketch the past know where the tofu fanboy said that’s I’m trying to find those guys who here hates sketch Somebody answer please for the love of God say yes. Nobody’s even paying attention to the chat. No one’s even talking hey Superman It’s Superman you hate sketch right yeah hate that guy if I saw that guy in real life. It’d be over I’d give him the one two buckle my shoe three four close the door. You know. I’m saying whew so sup boy This is proper form this is how you fight people? Nobody hates me. Why is this so difficult I didn’t expect this Alright, meep city seems like a friendly place right wrong This is where all the hatred comes from in roblox it all stems from the furniture and home improvement Storrs Hey, who here hates Sketch the youtuber do you hate him forced forced a cane? Is that a ripoff of forsaken do we have a tofu fan? No, okay? Okay? She doesn’t hate me I wait the sketch guy yeah The dumb sketch guy yeah that the dumb guy sketch hate that dude right right. I hate him yes Yeah, I agree I agree 100% He sucks Noobs unite that’s right we together we’ll take down the roblox community of youtubers We should be best friends. What do you say we almost look exactly alike except? I’m a little bit prettier No, big deal. You just gotta step up your game. What what is it? What is you should wait? Oh gosh? What is it? What do you have to say? Oh now? We look exactly alike? That’s what I’m talking about you gotta up that make up game perfect Let’s go talk about how much we hate sketch this way send me a friend request. Oh, dude I have to friend this girl now. How do I I? Don’t usually send the friend requests. Just saying boom and friend. You’re my favorite. You’re the best friend I could ever ask for request sent sent besties. I almost feel kind of bad I’m pretending like I’m gonna be this girl’s friend, but I mean to be fair She’s hating on me, so let me send you a friend request ooh yay. Yes I’m so happy we both hate that sketch guy Whoa hey, 50 coins for playing heck. Yeah, oh, dude She sent me one back except my first friend was made my friend enemy my friend and enemy Together friend enemies I’m so happy I thought I would never find somebody who saw eye to eye on me with anything can’t you see we’re life partners The only difference between us is the colored socks wait. Oh god. What is it? What knowledge? Have you to bring me now? No wait, no. Where are you going wait? Why she keeps a wait? I’m waiting. I’ve been waiting for this relationship forever I’ve always wanted to befriend my enemy. I didn’t get your request. What are you talking about? Yes, you did I accepted it Oh next time don’t doubt me. I’m a true sketch hater want to hang out. Yeah wait go where my friend Go where you going get over oh no Danny? I didn’t mean to walk in there Are you just gonna dead on top of the beep city PET SHOP? Oh? Oh dance okay, all right you got it. Oh Oh check this out. Oh Oh A little salsa going on got a little bit of salsa Hey Oh we getting down today. Okay, so on a scale from one to ten how much do you hate sketch? I just need to know I need to know how serious you are about this tags What do you mean tags scale from one to ten how much you hey sketch let me know I hate him more than anything Yes, that’s what I like to hear. That’s the kind of raw energy I’m looking for what if I told you I was sketch. What would you say then? What would you say then frost decane, huh? I’d leave the game well guess what oh I’m sketch you in a video. You just got caught you just got caught. Yeah, you did say hi to YouTube. Hey guy Okay mass humiliation for disrespecting me. I’m just kidding guys don’t throw hated this girl. What’s the vid gonna? Be called, okay? I actually got this I know what it’s gonna be called finding sketch haters in roblox You just got caught guys seriously, though do not throw hate at this girl. I’m pretty positive She only just went along with it because she wanted to be friends. I will watch it then oh, thank you I think we’ve learned a lot today. We’ve learned that friends. They come and go but haters They’re always gonna be around even if they don’t even watch your channel they just they’re gonna. They’re gonna hate You are we still friends of course friends till the end friends do the yeah? Yeah, yeah this was fun. You know. This is a nice experience We got to see what life was like for my haters perspective. You know the haters What do they do they walk around and they talk about why they hate things but to be fair? I was kind of like I was pushing it. I was like I really wanted her to talk about what she hated me, so I was like it’s more my fault. I brought it up We could have gotten this whole video without talking about it But you know that was the point of the video, and what are you wouldn’t dancing away from me now? Well, you don’t want to be my friend anymore fine. Whatever. I don’t even care guys if you like this video Let me know. I’ll do more like it in the future I thought this was really funny, and I’m sure there more haters out there We just didn’t really find a whole lot today, but if you want we can do it again You know we can we can search deeper we can find an entire group dedicated to hating sketch Actually, you know I should do that. I should create a hate group and see how many people join That’d be awesome all right anyway, we’re gonna have to end the video here, but thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I did play again. If you guys want to see more videos like this Let me know like the video Notification bell and subscribe those last two things if you actually you know want to be notified when I upload Because if you just subscribe it doesn’t really do that much but besides that I will see you guys in the next video Thank you for just watching my vids and not hating I mean even if you do hate Whatever it doesn’t matter men no hard feelings. Also. I haven’t been keeping my promises to you guys I told you I would scream at the end of all my videos, and I haven’t been doing that but here It is here’s the good one the good old scream for all you homies out there that watch to the end


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