Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel (upbeat chime intro music) So cutting right to the point because today’s video is definitely gonna be a pretty long one as you can see by the title below this is going to be a full-on unbiased review of the brand new Fenty by Rihanna makeup collection. So Fenty beauty actually had their launch party last night in New York City and launched in Sephora at midnight and Rihanna had a big event in Manhattan with a beautiful yellow gown, which is why I’m wearing this yellow hoodie today which you’ll be finding out a lot more about in Monday’s video so stay tuned, but um, guess who was not invited to that launch party? This sister right here! so this morning I hauled my ass out of bed at 6 a.m. To go to Sephora because they invited a bunch of influencers in for early access and I picked up the entire line. I paid for every single one of these products myself- this video is not sponsored and I’m not being paid to talk about it either. I just want to do this video because so many of you guys are wondering whether or not these products are gonna be good- I, myself, I’m generally wondering if these products are gonna be good. The Fenty beauty campaigns have looked so so beautiful on so many beautiful models so much diversity as well And the products generally do look really really good, but I don’t want to be biased I’m going in with absolutely no knowledge of anything so without further ado – grab your pinkedy drinkedys And let’s go ahead and get started with testing Fenty beauty products Alright guys, so you know that I haven’t been really using primer so much lately I’ve just been loving using a moisturized skin right under my foundation I feel like it just makes my skin look so so beautiful and flawless but Fenty Beauty did drop a Soft matte primer so I already went ahead and I moisturize and we’re gonna be putting this on top before the foundation today So all the different products come in at this design of a unicarton it is this like off-white black spotted ombre pattern, honestly the packaging looks absolutely stunning and let’s go ahead and take it out Oh wow this looks really good So on fentybeauty.com this primer retails for $32 and it comes with one point zero eight fluid ounces Which is actually more than the typical foundation most foundations are usually one fluid ounce, so there’s definitely a lot of product in here I’m just gonna go ahead, and I’m going to squirt some on my hands as usual and then just Apply that to my face. Okay, so I definitely just applied way too much of that to my face I’m just gonna blend it in really really well there isn’t too much of like a strong smell But it does smell slightly like lotion, but like a really really good lotion So it’s definitely a nice clean scent that isn’t overpowering at all And it does make my skin feel very very smooth and also a little bit tacky So this should make my makeup stick. Hopefully pretty well I am so annoyed right now like I said I went to Sephora this morning to get the foundation it to show you guys the full range So I got shade number 100 being the lightest shade and number 490 being the darkest shade but my dumb ass instead of getting my shade which I determined was number 260 I bought two number hundreds Are we surprised no but are we annoyed? Yes, because I have to go all the way back there so So you guys are not gonna see any time passed because there’s gonna be a jump cut but my ass will be back in about Two hours too as they do all right so two very very long Uber rides later We are back home, and I have the right foundation shade this time, number 260 That’s like classic James. Sorry, but flashback Mary was clearly really trying to make it appearance up in here, but not today The next up is obviously going to be a foundation and for today I bought you guys three shades, and I got number 260 for myself I did do some swatches in Sephora, but lord knows the lighting in there is not the best so fingers crossed this one works But I also picked up number 100 Which is the lightest shade and number 490 which is the darkest shade so I could show you guys the full range I also went ahead and I picked up the precision makeup sponge which I guess is supposed to be like a Beauty Blender type situation. It comes in this little box and then is in this package so it is basically like a Beauty Blender But it has flat edges, so I’m just going to go ahead and it actually smells like a bouquet of flowers Weird enough, but like it smells good I’m gonna go ahead and wet this before I apply my foundation so before actually applying the foundation I do definitely talk about the shade range because it has been a very very controversial topic So I do want to swatch for you guys the three different colors that I got today So this is shade number 100, which is the lightest shade on the top this one is number 260 Which fingers crossed, should be my shade, hopefully and this last shade on the bottom is number 490 which is the darkest shade in the range I want to make it very very clear that I am obviously not a person of color. I’m nowhere near as well I simply wanted to swatch the darker shade just to give you guys a good comparison from the darkest to the lightest and show the variation between them But I am well aware that this watch on my skintone is not going to be helpful at all to my dark beauties out there So while I was in Sephora today I did happen to run into one of my amazing sisters, shout out to you sister Jerlene And she definitely saw me struggling with what to do with this foundation So she actually went ahead and let me swatch it on her hand So hopefully this next clip will give you guys a better idea if you do have darker skin on what this foundation will actually look like alright guys I’m here at Fenty beauty in Sephora to pick up all the items early this morning, and I’m here with sister Jerlene I want to show you guys the darker shade in the range because there are so many but obviously I’m pasty so I’m not about to swatch the darkest shade on me because but doesn’t help anybody so sister Tati is gonna hold my camera for me and we’re gonna do a little swatchedy watchedy, alright guys, so this is shade number 490 Which is the darkest in the range and to be clear Rihanna said she did want to add more shades as well, there was definitely controversy on Twitter when it comes to makeup But literally when is there not so we’re gonna be watching this one sister Jerlene right here Before most definitely pretty liquidy and as you can tell this is a little bit darker than her skin tone and this is definitely a warm tone shade too All right, so now that that’s taken care of let’s go ahead and actually apply the foundation like I said I am number 260 and this foundation comes with one point zero eight fluid ounces, so same exact thing as the primer But this one is $34 rather than the primer is 32 I’m just gonna dip in with my Fenty beauty sponge and go right in on the skin alright So first impressions is that this color is a pretty good match to my skin so thank God the Sephora lighting to not do me Too dirty today, but fingers crossed that it does not oxidize I’m already not really loving this sponge It’s definitely leaving like imprints as you can see like right there where I’m tapping it in and I think that’s because this does have a flat edge to It which would be really really helpful for doing like under-eye concealer I feel like but I feel like the flat edge is definitely leaving some weird imprints in the foundation So I’m not sure if I really like this alright, so that was about three pumps This is what I normally do for my foundation, but we are nowhere even close to being a full coverage yet I literally only covered one cheek and like this area on this side of the face So I am gonna do a little bit more so that is one coat of foundation fully applied all over the face And it’s giving me like very medium coverage I am definitely gonna add a little bit more in areas that are still a little bit see-through, but honestly first impressions I really like how this foundation looks, alright So that is the foundation all applied and obviously we have to wear this and see how it wears throughout the day But initial reactions is that I really really like it. It looks really really good on my skintone my skin feels nice and smooth And it feels very very weightless too like I don’t feel like I’m wearing a lot of foundation Despite the fact that I definitely just had to do like 10 or 15 pumps of this to get full coverage Which definitely is a con so if you’re ok with using a lot of foundation to cover yourself with still feeling light That’s good, but just know that you’re only getting one point zero eight fluid ounces For the price pretty good with still you’re gonna use a lot of foundation So you could go through this very very quickly so the next step is gonna be to conceal and contour my face but I’m actually gonna skip out on concealing for just one second actually move to contour because Today we’re using a cream contour from Fenty Beauty And this is the match stick and the shade suede each one of these little cream sticks comes for $25 each And you get 0.25 ounces of product so definitely not a whole lot, but let’s go ahead and cream contour our face today And then I’m just gonna blend this out using the sponge, alright So as you can see I just tried to blend that in but instead of really like blending in it kind of Disappeared and I think that’s because the foundation is getting layered over top of it This sponge is obviously soaking up a lot of product Which is definitely Why it took 10 to 15 squirts of foundation to get full coverage But I think we got a switch over to my regular beauty blender to finish blending this out. Let’s try this again, okay I’m not loving this It’s definitely blending out a lot easier using my regular Beauty Blender as opposed to the Fenty Beauty sponge, but honestly I’m still really not loving this. I’m having to pounce really really hard to even get the product to move It really kind of already dried down completely, which for the foundation I like because I have not set my face yet with powder, but it looks really really good Alright, I’m back my camera decided of course literally what else would go wrong today at this point but I did just go ahead and apply my concealer which was Tarte shape tape I was gonna pick up one of the Matchsticks similar to the cream contour in a concealer, but I’ll just be straight up I tried it in Sephora today, and I absolutely hated the formula I just felt as though it wasn’t soft enough to be able to really use for under-eye concealer I just thought it was gonna take off the foundation and honestly at this point. I’m really really glad I went with that decision because Obviously, I do not really like this formula and using its shape tape with this Fenty foundation looks so good like my skin looks Absolutely phenomenal right now. I have not even set with any powder I’m not creasing it dried down to like a semi matte finish It’s not completely matte, but it’s also a slightest bit dewy This looks really good alright, so next I’m gonna go in and I’m going to set my face so to do that I’m going to be using the fenty Beauty invisi matte universal blotting powder And there’s only one shade in this and it is very very light So I am praying that flash like Mary does not come I mean she clearly was trying it with a shade 100 of the foundation so Fingers crossed that this does not give us the worst luck ever I’m just going to grab my morphe m 335 brush and tap into this and I’m going to use this to set underneath my eyes Just make sure that I don’t get any creases I’m next just gonna grab my morph m141 and dip into the pan to set the rest my face And whoa as you can see when you dip the brush in it definitely comes off as a white powder This is getting very very scary, but when you blend it, and I’m assuming it turns Pretty transparent. Yeah, so hopefully we won’t get any flashback, but like I said I will definitely take a photo and show you guys in a few short seconds Alright, so as you can see for the photos. I just inserted this powders definitely flashback proof Thank God Where I lightly dusted the powder just to set my face and mattify it my skin tone looked exactly the same So that is an A+ and where I did really really pack it on being the center of the forehead Chin and under the eyes like I normally do it did flash back the slightest bit in light and not my skin tone But that’s exactly what I wanted it to do so this powder is a major win and definitely going in my bag when I go Places as well for light touch-ups. Okay, so now that my face is all set in place. Oh, we love a good poet I’m gonna quickly go ahead and do my brows off-camera fenty did not launch any brow products with this original line So I’m just gonna use my normal benefit brow products, and I’ll be right back to start off the eyes alright So I just went ahead and I did my brows off-camera quickly to save time And then I just thrown this orangey Brown halo eye with the Fenty launch She actually did not launch any eyeshadow palettes, or single shadows just highlighters So I want to throw this on as a base, and then I’m gonna grab the matchstick not the concealer in the shade Star-struck which is like this pinky glittery shade it honestly Swatches really really beautifully, and I’m pretty sure this supposed to be used as a cream highlighter for the cheeks But it is definitely a little bit darker for my skin tone as you can see when I rotate my hand it definitely gives that Grey cast that nobody wants for a highlighter, so this would definitely look a lot better on darker skins But I’m gonna use it to highlight the center of my eyelids today. That looks really good Oh my gosh And then just gonna grab a morphe m224 brush and dip into the top of that Cream highlighter and just use this to blend out the edges lightly oh This is really pretty I’m also gonna grab my pinky finger and try applying it this way too to see how that works This is a matchstick as well, so it’s also $25 like I said for the first one the cream contour and fun side note These are magnetic and stick together Which I think is so cool and a really good storage option as well, so Major points to them for that so those are the eyes all complete I’m absolutely loving how this is turning out so far and now we’re onto the step that we’ve all been waiting for and that is the highlighter And I am so so so excited for this so Fenty beauty actually launched a few different highlighters retailing at $34 each And you get point one two ounces of product And I actually picked up two of them this duo comes with two shades being lightning dust and fire crystal Definitely plus for the names, please excuse my crusty ass bandaid, but here’s a shade lightning dust swatch we’re gonna do it, right Here, that’s not even showing up on camera, and it’s actually really not that pigmented in real life too – okay And then here’s the shade of fire crystal also swatched alright So fire crystals definitely a lot more pigmented and a little bit more glittery than lightning dust is I’m actually pretty Disappointed in lightning dust it really does not show up that well on camera or in real life so if you want a more subtle highlighter this may be for you, but when you’re like me and you like a Blinding glow. I think we might be going for fire crystal But even this is really not that blinding either the second highlighter however is one We’ve been waiting for and this is what I am so so excited to use today And that is the single highlighter in the shade trophy wife it is this like metallic ass gold shade That is I guess more even glittery than hi lady. Oh You’re kidding Wow So Rihanna was actually wearing this exact highlighter at last night at the event which looked so beyond stunning and after doing a little bit Of research what I’m gathering is that this highlighter is actually more of like a glittery base rather than an actual like shimmer base So when you put it on it’s supposed to actually disperse more like real glitter and look like your face is like Literally glittery rather than like glowing so definitely not for the everyday person But y’all know me I love to be extra AF And I am so excited to try this and let’s give her a little bit of a swatch with a clean finger. Oh You’re kidding. Let’s go ahead and Cartier bracelet down and do a little oh Wow I don’t know if it’s picking up on camera, but in real life You can see the individual glitter particles like shining, and that is so stunning. Oh my god I am so pumped for this I’m gonna go in with my morphe m501 brush and dip into trophy wife and see how this looks alright So the highlighter is definitely there was only one swipe, and I’m already glowing But as you can see I definitely had a lot on my brush and was able to blend it out, too Which is great because some people obviously are not gonna want this full-on glittery glam highlight But y’all know me I need to be extra AF So I’m gonna dip back in it once again and layer more on top for that gold glitter of that. Oh my god Wow I’m gonna go ahead and apply it to my normal areas as well being the brow bones Okay, so I was super super excited for this highlighter, but after putting it on let’s be real This is definitely not for my skin tone It is way too dark and way too golden as well Which is great because that means that this will fit all my dark sisters out there So so beautifully so if you guys get this and try on it definitely send me all the tweets and pics so I can be Jealous of your envious golden glow, but this highlighter definitely not for me I’m actually gonna go back into this duo and into a fire crystal and try that instead I’m just going with my morphe M 405 brush, and I’m gonna quickly go over Just the highlight area to try to blend it out a little bit and make it look and not as intense because this golden glow Is a little bit too golden, okay So instead I’m gonna grab a clean M501 brush and dip into a fire crystal from that duo that I just showed you guys and try this one instead Oh, yeah, that’s a lot better side note to if you have nails. These are really really hard to open oh My god. I’m like scared that I’m gonna snap one I’m gonna save my final thoughts til the end But the last step is obviously going to be at the lippety doodahs and for today I’m gonna be using the Fenty glow lip gloss which I’ve heard is literally so so good So I’m very very excited to put this on so with this gloss you get point three ounces of product and its $18 so definitely not a bad deal So the shade of this lip gloss is definitely a muted mauve shade which I absolutely Love and there are little flecks of gold that are in here too for that high shine look So I’m super excited to put this on oh wow Okay, so I don’t know if this is reading on camera, but in person This lip is literally so shiny that it almost looks like a metallic lipstick but I Really don’t hate it because I’m kind of living for the gloss so I actually didn’t layer this gloss over anything because that’s how it Was marketed in the fenty campaign I’m pretty sure all the models how there’s over there natural lip colors and for me the formula is really really nice But I’m really not loving the color that is giving my lips It doesn’t look bad But I just feel like it doesn’t really match with this eye look so maybe if I layered it over top of something it would Look better but as for the actual lip gloss formula and feel I like it, so I’m gonna finish off by spritzing my face using my Urban Decay all nighter setting spray Just to lock everything in place And that is the full face of Fenty products, okay, so let’s go back and recap for those of you sisters Who are interested in buying the primer and foundation one hundred and fifty percent I love this my skin looks so good I barely had to powder my face and it dried down so so nicely the shade match is really really good I look golden and bronzy and like my texture is not showing my pores look good I love this and this honestly and maybe replacing my makeup forever and Too Faced duo But you’ll have to stay tuned in find out I’m gonna keep wearing this look throughout the day So I will definitely tweet and snap and keep you guys posted as to how it wears but as of right now I love this next product we used was the universal invis matte blotting powder which I actually use for setting powder I, once again, love this as well It was super super lightweight and even though it is a light color Which definitely had me a little spooked at first it does not give any flash back Which is so great and definitely did a really good job of mattifying my skin and keeping everything in place (engine sound) That was rude.. Like I said at the foundation did write down a pretty matte so I really did not need a lot of this But this will definitely be going in my touch up bag for when I go to events because I love this the next product we used (Engine revving) The next product we tested out was one of the match sticks, and this is one of the contour shades I picked out suede and this for me.was more of a fail so the next product we used was the match stick and I picked up the shade its way to do my cream contouring and Definitely I was a little bit biased considering I don’t really like cream products to begin with but this was not for me at all I really did not like the formula of these It’s not bad by any means But I just felt as though I had to work really really hard to really blend this out and even after blending it I still felt like it was a little bit patchy So I definitely would not be recommending this match stick or the sponge as well I forgot to mention this, but this is just overall a big No, it really did not do that good of a job of blending out I felt like I had to work really really hard at it And also this soaks up way too much product too as you guys saw I had to use like 15 pumps of foundation to get A full face which is never ever the move and is gonna run you out of that foundation so fast $34 is definitely a lot of money to be sending on a foundation So I would avoid getting this because you’re gonna waste it to spend the extra four dollars and get the regular Beauty Blender and save yourself a whole lot of time and product So even though this matchstick was a major fail for me this matchstick in the shade Stardust was a major major win it is once again a cream stick and it is supposed to be a highlighter But instead of using it on my face I did use it as my eye shadow to be my center highlight of my halo eye and oh my god like I said before I love how this looks and it’s super super pigmented as you can see and similar to the contour it was kind of hard to blend out but For an eyeshadow look that’s really really great because as you can see it’s really not transferring It’s staying exactly where I put it and just the edges were able to be blended out for that perfect glow-halo-eye I definitely would recommend this one so the next product we tried out was the Fenty beauty highlighters And these were a major fail once again I’m so sad because I was really really looking forward to these especially the shade at trophy wife All the models wearing it last night looked so stunning with their gold glittery highlights But it was definitely way too dark for me. Honestly it really not mad at it at all It’s about damn time a brand comes out with a lot of products meant for a darker skin tone So definitely if you have a lighter skin tone would not recommend But if you’re a dark Beauty these highlighters would be so good for you As for the other highlighter duo this one was a major fail for me as well as you saw the shade lightning dust really doesn’t Have any pigment at all and then the shade of fire crystal was super super beautiful But as you can see it’s on my face, and it is looking a little bit grayish, white. I was expecting this to be a little bit more champagney But it’s definitely looking a little bit too pale so for me I would have loved to have a highlighter in the middle of these two because this is too dark And this is way too light/gray, so hopefully Rihanna will come up with a lot more things But for me the highlighters were a fail and last But certainly not least we tried out the Fenty beauty gloss and I love this like I was saying I wish I layered this over top of a liquid lipstick or regular lipstick because I’m not loving the color that it gave me to Match with this look. Coloring a side though, because that’s my fault the formula itself I absolutely love it feels very very comfortable and lightweight on my lips and not sticky which is literally the best thing in the entire world and yeah I really really like this and this will definitely going in my bag as well Alright, sisters so that has the full Fenty beauty products All tried out and reviewed Definitely leave me a comment down below and tell me which product you like best and what you’re dying to try it as well Overall after trying all these products I think there are only two things in total that I really didn’t love and they were still not bad at all just definitely not For my makeup preference so love that I also love the fact that there are 40 foundation shades. Oh my god I can’t stress enough once again thank God the beauty brands are finally starting to target towards with darker skin tones and people of color it is about damn time and This makeup line launched by Rihanna is such a major step forward for diversity so major hats off to that and claps for sister RiRi If you haven’t already make sure to click that big red subscribe button down below and join the sisterhood also, click that little Bell button So you can be notified every time I upload a new video if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter. They’re both Just James Charles and my snapchat for more behind the scenes side stuff is James Charles with an extra “s” after Charles this week’s shout-out goes to sister Leo thank you so much girl for always falling in supporting if you would like to be at next video sister shout out make sure to Always retweet my video link so they go live on Twitter. side note as well I have two very very exciting things happening next week make sure to look out for Monday’s upload something happening on Tuesday and Wednesdays upload it’s gonna be a good ass time And I cannot wait for you guys to see what I’ve been working on. Alright sisters. Thank you so much for watching I love you so much, and I will see you in the next one


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