Featherette Lighting Inspiration by Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Corbett Lighting | Interior Design

– So Featherette is the name I’ve given to this little collection. And it’s really a fun vibe. It’s got kind of a 1940s
old Hollywood flavor to it. Very glamorous, very fun, a
beautiful gold leaf finish, with just a little distressed back to give us that gilded age moment. Wonderful with the sconce,
the smaller chandelier, and of course the big
traffic-stopper statement. Also, it ties in with the Romanoff, which is my wall-mounted ceiling fixture, which is wonderful brass
and very heavy glass. So it has again, a little bit
more of a traditional flavor, a little bit of that 1940s
vibe, some old-school glamor, which is actually a really
big part of today’s new looks. This captures that sort
of mix of the old and new, and the high and low,
and the glamor moment. I always love a good glamor moment.

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