Fabriquer une grande épée de Monster Hunter World – Tutoriel Cosplay

Hi cosplayers! I’m Lyah, and today I will talk about my greatsw… about my- greatsword from Monster Hunter World I made this prop within 1 month with school in between, and some mistakes also made me fall behind; But I’ll talk about it later in this video! It measures 1,72m long and weights about 2kgs; it may not apear like much but I swear that when you have tiny arms like me and you cary it during one afternoon at a convention, with the weight mostly on the blade, it can become uncomfortable very fast ! But it looks awesome so it’s not very bad. It’s the last part of my equipment, I also made the Origin armor set this year and there’s also a video about it on my YouTube channel! And now without further ado, let’s get started with the materials I used! I will list the materials in 3 categories : the structure, the metallic parts and the bone blade! To make the structure I used PVC pipes. It’s pretty cheap, you can find some anywhere and all cosplayers use that to make sword handles, barels and all of that. For the metallic parts I used some EVA foam ! It’s flexible, very sturdy and available in various thicknesses until 10mm; it allowed me to make the big metallic “box” hollow so it’s less heavy. Finally, for the blade I used some extruded polystyrene! It’s super lightweight, pretty cheap and also easy to carve; it was perfect to easily carve all the details in my bone blade! Time-consuming but easy! The problem with XPS foam is that it’s super fragile; Even just a little bump car make a hole in it! That’s why once you’re done shaping and carving it, you must seal it with a thermoplastic or some resin. At first I bought some thermoplastic to do that But… It didn’t work as expected. So I had to order some resin in addition. I choosed the Epsilon brush-on resin from SmoothOn. Concerning the paints, I used some FlexiPaint on the EVA foam; it’s a flexible primer perfect for foam. I made a few videos about FlexiPaint before. However the blade is hard and not flexible; so I just used some Montana spraypaint and some airbrush colors from Vallejo. Some of these materials are available in the Cosplay&Craft shop; all the links are in the description! Now that you know the materials, let’s dive into the project! The first thing I did was a pattern. I made it on Adobe Illustrator, but I ended up printing it with the sword picture behind so I’m sure that I see every single detail even though it was very pixelated. I layed the pattern on the floor and I measured the length of the PVC pipes for the structure. I have a structure with 3 pipes because there’s a hole in the middle of the blade, so I couldn’t just put a long pipe all the way through. I wrote the measurements of the pipes but if you also make a greatsword, you don’t have to use the same; you just have to make sure that the ends of the pipes won’t poke through the sharp edge or any other finer parts of your blade, because you take the risk to have the pipe visible if you carve the material too much. In addition I made sure that the handle pipe went through the pommel, not just on it’s base but inside of it. This way the pommel will be held better on it. I also ensured that the connector at the base of the handle pipe wouldn’t be placed somewhere bothering for the build; for example on the base of the blade part or the base of the metallic box. For that I marked 1cm between the edge of the pattern and the connector. 1cm which is the thickness of the foam I’ll use. *explaining complicated stuff in french* Once I cut the pipes I quickly assembled them and put them on the pattern to check that nothing was where I didn’t want it to be. I marked where the pipe ended in the pommel, also where the handle details were going on the pipe, and the 1cm mark I talked about earlier. Once that was done I finally could glue the pipes together with some PVC glue. While the glue was drying, I changed a bit my pattern. Because I had to make a bone part and a metallic part, separated, and they had to fit together seamlessly. So I added extra material for the blade around there on my pattern… so I have a place to glue the EVA foam part. Around the hole, I also made some adjustments; I saved a place on each point where the bone connected to the metal, where the polystyrene would stay “flat” and the under side of the box would lay down. This way it creates the illusion that the bone is built-in the metal. Once the pipes were glued together, I put them on the pattern again and marked their silhouette on the paper; this way I can see where they will go inside the blade, Then I separated the blade from the rest of the pattern. and now I had to cut the XPS foam. I used 2 sheets of 3cm thick foam. this way I can dig some trenches in each sheet and so I can put the pipes inside and close the blade like a sandwich! So first I traced my pattern on the 2 sheets, making sure to mirror it. I cut them first with a box cutter, but then I grabbed a jigsaw because the box cutter doesn’t like such thick materials. Please note that I cut one side right on the line and the other one I cut with a little margin, this way when they’re glued together I can sand down the extra material and ensure that both sides matches. I also drew the shape of the pipes so I can cut the trenches! I used a ruler and a box cutter at an angle to cut long strips of foam. The pipe had a diameter of 32mm so I removed something like 16mm on each side. To adjust the depth and shape of the trenches I grabbed a piece of the same pipe and some sandpaper and runned it through the trenches. After checking that everything fits properly I could glue them together. I used some flooring glue but you can use anything except contact cement or hotglue. This one worked great for me but you can use anything that works for you. Also take note that I cut the teeth separately; i glued them just before the resin process. it’s much easier to carve them individually than directly on the big piece. Once the glue was dried I could already cary my sword and be even more excited about making it!! The subtitles will be finished later, thanks for understanding!


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