Fabio Hutagalung: Design Student | RMIT University

Design is anything that is put in place with purpose, [instrumental music] is eminent in the everyday life, in anything really. The environment in itself is a design for the inhabitants. [instrumental music] I mean, without design, then we would be like a fish that is living in a birdcage. [instrumental music] My name is Fabio Hutagalung, and I come from Indonesia, and I’m studying Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) at RMIT. Prior to coming to Australia, I hd no design experience at all. And that’s why I had to take the foundation studies at RMIT. What I like about the teachers, they always challenge the way you think. They always want you to dig deeper into the brief and the issue. I learned about 3D Modelling, painting, and also mixed media, drawing… These things became the foundation to my portfolio to get into my Bachelor of Communication Design at RMIT. [instrumental music] One aspect of design that I’m really interested in is the sensory aspect, touch, smell and visual. Everything just works together. At the very heart of design is again- whether it will enhance the consumer’s life. We can’t just do design without studying and understanding about human life, about who we are. [instrumental music continues] At the heart of a well-designed city is a good identity of what it is, of itself. I think the identity of Melbourne is sharing – that sense of sharing the identity of so many cultures, of so many different people. When you are so far away from your home country, and family, you will feel a bit lonely at times. And being a part of the RMIT Indonesia Student Society, I met so many different people from different walks of life and different studies as well. And I think it’s great to have a community of people around you, not just for networking and building on connections, but they also give you a sense of belonging.

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