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(upbeat boogie music) – What’s up the internet? I’m Josh Darnit, this is Evan and Johnna. A few weeks ago we posted a video called the exact instructions challenge, where the kids gave me directions on how to make a
peanut-butter jelly sandwich. It was a lot of fun,
things went horribly wrong. Scoop of peanut butter onto one of your pieces of bread with an– And in the comments,
people were telling us things they would like to see
us do on a future challenge. So one of those was, having the kids write instructions for
me, how to draw something. I’m gonna follow their instructions, see what happens, and see if I can figure out what I’m even drawing. All right guys, who wants to go first? I agree Evan, you should go fi–woah! (laughs) Because Evan’s still
learning to read and write, I’m actually gonna take his instructions verbally, pre-recorded by my wife. – My wife! – [Evan’s Voice Recording] Draw a short line going straight up and down. Step two, draw a circle at the tippy top of your line. – The tippy top of my line? Here’s my circle, at the tippy
top of my line, all right. – [Evan’s Voice Recording]
Draw a really long frown. – A really long frown, where? (laughs) – [Evan’s Voice Recording] Underneath that little line that you drew. – Draw a really long frown, this is cute. – [Evan’s Voice Recording]
Draw a little circle inside your giant frown, I mean inside your kind of big frown. – [Evan] There. (laughs) – What is this like google
earth and this is a pin? Okay, next? – [Evan’s Voice Recording] Draw a straight up and down line at the end of your line. – What? – [Evan’s Voice Recording] Draw a little ring around the bottom of your frown. – A little ring, draw a little ring around the bottom of my frown? (laughs) – Yes, all according to plan. – All right. – [Evan’s Voice Recording] Draw little half moons in your little ring. – It’s little half-moons, woah this looks like a flying saucer. – [Evan’s Voice Recording]
Draw a bunch of lines going straight up and down
in front of your straight up and down line, that’s at
the tip of your sideways lines. – What? (laughs) – Okay so I’m gonna do like this, and this, I don’t know what he wants. – No, no no no no. – Alright I got a bunch of lines, okay. – That’s not what I meant. – Sorry buddy. – [Evan’s Voice Recording] Draw two lines that are facing the lines of an x underneath the ring, but makes sure it’s attached to the ring. And then draw circles at the end of your, at the end of the– – Wait, back, back that up, back that up. What are you talking about? (laughs) Face? What? Okay, two lines facing the lines of an x, so I’m gonna draw x, and then two lines – No. – Facing them, attached
to the lines, there. (laughs) – [Evan’s Voice Recording] Draw circles at the end of your lines that are shaped that have the lines of an x separated. – Separated? I can’t separate
’em, they’re already joined. (laughs) – [Evan’s Voice Recording] Color those circles in and then you’re done. – I’m done, okay, this is. This is my drawing, I
think this is a barbecue. I think this our barbecue,
from what I understand he actually drew the drawing
that he’s describing to me? All right, let’s see what mine
looks like compared to yours? Did I pass, did I draw it right? – No. – No, okay let me see your drawing then? – [Mom] Evan, I think he passed. – Actually, no he didn’t. – While I’m waiting for my next victim, leave a comment, let me know
if you think I passed of failed or if you think Evan passed or failed. Johnna! Where are you? – Okay so Dad close your eyes, I’m gonna show them my drawing. If all goes according to plan, he will end up with a
drawing similar to this. – Okay, take a pen and
draw a reasonably sized tall rectangle with wavy lines
instead of straight ones. Connect a box about a quarter of the size of your tall rectangle to
the bottom of the rectangle. The small box has straight lines. Okay so we’re talking
about something like this. – No. – I’m following your instructions. – You’re not! – Draw two big, I love
these, “biggish” circles a little above the middle
of the wavy rectangle. – Oh my gosh. Well here’s the middle. – Yes, so a little above,
that’s not a little, that’s a lot above, but whatever. I told you, a little
above, and you, (growls). Draw smaller– – Draw smaller circles in the center of both of the other circles. Color in both the small center circles. Draw three eyelashes on the outside of both of the biggish circles. Okay, well that tells me these are eyes, Cheater McCheaty Face. – That’s not cheati– – A little under the
eyes, draw a long nose. (laughs) Draw an open mouth smile, with buck teeth. But you want me to draw, well
you didn’t tell me where to, but I’m, I’m assuming a lot here. Since this is me trying to figure it out, I’m assuming this is what she wants. Put a tie in the small box
with the straight lines. Connect a line to the right
side of the small great box. Do the same on the left side. (laughs and mumbles) Draw two lines on the
bottom of the small box. Give Johnna and automatic win. So I’m guessing that what we were supposed to be drawing
is spongebob squarepants. All right goofball, round two. – You’re the goof ball. – These instructions
are extremely detailed. – Extremely detailed? – If you mess this up, you have no one to blame but yourself. – Near the top left corner of the paper, draw a vertical line
roughly one inch long. I’m drawing it kinda small. – All right. – ‘Cause I ran out of
room on the last one. – Sure, great. – Draw a half circle from the top of the line out to the right and down connecting to the bottom of the line. Draw a new one to one half-inch line diagonally up to the right. From the top of your new line, draw a line down to the right that is the same length
as the previous line. Draw a horizontal line connecting
the midpoints of the last two lines you drew, so like an A. Are you making me write Dad? – I don’t know. Right now it just says DA. – Half an inch to the right
of your most recent shape, draw a shape the same as the
one from steps two and three. One inch to the right of the last drawing, draw a one-inch x, one inch square. – That means one inch by one inch, Johnna. – Oh, I though you were saying one inch x. (splats) (laughs) From the top left corner of the square, draw a plus, repeat this for each of the other three corners of the square. You ‘imbeckle’? (laughs) – How did you just skip that? – I didn’t, I wrote not an x and I couldn’t read that word so I skipped it. – That’s exactly what
an imbecile would do. – What is an imbecile? – You look it up later. – Draw a vertical line
about one inch tall. What is that? Dad tic tac toe one. (laughs) What is it? – Leave a comment if you
know what this means. – What does it mean, what is it? – Number one? You don’t
know what a pound sign is? You only know it’s a hashtag? – The next time we do the
exactions (punching sound). The next time we do the (punching sound). The next time we do the
exact instructions challenge, all bets are off, kid. – Dad. – All bets are off. – Dad chill out. – Thanks for watching our video. Like and subscribe, we
love you, peace out. (lighthearted music)

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