Every TOY STORY Ever …… #MyMissAnand #Fun #Toys #Sketch #Comedy

feel like that someone is coming sshh….. Anantya’s Mom is there bringing a cloth here oh no…no…nopes!!! hey Mom its been so long & i don’t demand for anything but now I want a Doll House No… Papa plz bring it for me as you told if I got above 90% marks then you’ll get me a doll house plz papa plz…. okay…. wow.. we are in a new house you know I’m getting bored staying in the mall whomever come & just have a look & go away I’ve seen myself in a mirror after a long time Wow… finally our happy days are on Ohh.. someone is coming Wow!!! she is so cute now she is our new friend Wow!! what a Doll house I’ve. my new friends have come dear I play with you everyday so lets party music… now both of you’ve to sleep now as you got tired after party hello friends… your new friend has come I’ll meet you later as I’ve to go somewhere by the way!! how is Anantya she cares for all of us hey.. she loves me the most no she loves to all of us equally no she loves me the most she has come Jojo lets go for a party ohh God!! many days passed away & Anantya yet not come ohh… god so much of dust god knows why its feel like that she’ll never come dear!! she loved me a lot. she’ll come but I don’t believe look she wake up now she’ll come to us ohh… where is she going? I think she doesn’t need us anymore ohh god!! our house get messed up oh god what happened now?? we were better at mall than this even Anantya doesn’t fix my broken hands ohh god am I here for this?? No… sshh… like someone is coming O she’s Anantya’s Mom bringing a cloth here oh no.. oh no… nopes!! ohh.. one month has completed still no one has come to look after us now no one plays with us don’t know why I feel like this that she’ll not come Mom I am getting bored to play with this doll house now I want lego friends house now keep this away don’t need this anymore ok dear!! you know your are so lucky that you have such a good doll house & also that pretty dolls & i am not having any doll house or any kind of toy can I take your doll house as you don’t play with that now can I play with that you have enjoyed a lot with them, playing with them Oh Anantya what are you thinking?? no.. no… I’ll say to Mamma that I don’t need any other toys no I just need mine that dolls & doll house now I’ll again play with my dolls everyday let me do one thing just to clean them again sorry friends.. as I don’t clean your house for so many days & even don’t care for you but now I take care of you all everyday like the old days.. its my pinky promise hey friends!! would you my this doll house story?? as I’ve worked hard for this want to know why I’ve make this?? as we everybody ask for many things from our parents like I want this doll house, want that & so on & they bring everything for us just to make us happy & we’ve got bored after playing few days after like either we thrown them away or just do like that as I’ve shown in this doll story my parents told me that you also have done like this but when I realised I felt bad for that or if you have toys like from them you are not playing you can donate them if you enjoyed this video then do like & share this video

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