[EVERGLOW] 2nd single HUSH jacket behind

It’s scary here, huh? We came to a place like this to film today. Yes? Yeah? Did someone call me? Someone definitely called me Ah-ing how scary How can it be this scary? That’s really just… This is the second film set of our album cover shooting. This is actually a lot heavier than it looks I feel like my hair is drooping all the way down But the funny thing is that I’m probably the lightest Everyone looks like Sunkist! Lol I saw EU unnie and she kind of looks like Sunkist You need to check it our later! There were a bit difficult parts But our members and staff made the filming so fun So it was rewarding and we were able to finish filming in a good mood Looking at our members in front of the camera Made me realize how cool and awesome they look once again I felt proud of our members It was that kind of day We’re working really hard And challenging ourselves with a new concept So please look forward to it We’re here filming our album cover Me, Yiren, and Mia the three of us our filming as a unit But it’s hard to imagine it Since it’s our first time the three of us are filming as a unit I’m curious what kind of image will come out How is it possible to take your feet off like that? I can’t take my feet off! It feels different than the first time filming our album cover Maybe it’s because we’re shooting outdoors But I feel more excited and hyper I still want to calm down and finish filming well though Don’t you think we can get some nice shots If I film with an open heart and mind? We came all the way down to Gyunbuk Wow, this is amazing We’re so far away This is the first time I’m so close to home Do you mind if I stop by my house? Uhm…I’m not that nervous But I don’t actually feel the way that I thought I would Let me think about it a little more First, I’m thinking of making a more sad expression as one of my concepts Like this sad face? – 人- Wow, the heart is huge Have you seen a heart with long fingers like this? Whoa! We just did a shot with fire burning like crazy It was super hot but also so much fun Hey everybody, everybody I’m sweating so much because of the heat but This heat is stirring our passion and motivating us to work extra hard! At first, I smelled BBQ coming from a human Kind of like a pig roast Like a lamb kabob sort of BBQ smell I felt like I knew what it was like to be a full on pig roast For our fans who have waited a long time I hope that our performance
Will be something worthwhile waiting for and rewarding We’ll work hard at our second album So please show us lots of love ‘til the end Love you Scary scenes included. Therefore, pregnant women and seniors,
And people with heart problems should refrain from watching. That’s really true It’s staff ^^ What’s that? Since we saw a ghost today
Our 2nd album must be a hit hahaha


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