Epoxy Eyes Part 1: Casting & Painting – TRAILER

– Hey, I’m John Cherevka, for the Stan Winston
School of Character Arts. Welcome to part one of epoxy eyeballs, casting, painting and finishing. I like epoxy eyeballs
because of their clarity, they’re very durable, you
don’t have to polish them. All of these things are great
because they are time savers, and every minute counts. First we’re gonna talk about
the new molds and plates. Then we’re gonna go over all the different materials I’ll be using, the resins, the releases,
the vacuum chamber, the pressure pot, and the oven. After I weigh this, I have to evacuate it, and then we’re gonna pour
and then into the pot. After the eyes are pressurized, they’re going to go into the
oven for the curing process. Following the curing process,
I’m going to show you a few techniques on painting
different styles of eyes using a few different tricks, including an iris printed on photo paper, and also a hand-done epoxy
build-up, or a dead eye. This is a new technique
that I’ve developed, and I’m happy to share
this process with you. So, let’s get started.

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