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in your profile we also put some things that
are privately you and one on those is your e-portfolio tool this is private for each user we allow you to create multiple portfolios this is so that you can keep a private
profile but if a teacher wants you to assemble portfolio you just create a new e-portfolio to satisfy the requirements for that specific course
without having to override your own personal portfolio when you go into a portfolio then you’re allowed to change the different
navigation on it and the different parts and the different pages and what not we
give some wizards in here to help you walk through what you do with a
portfolio and portfolios by default are private
it means that no one can see it unless you shared the specific private link this
shared secret with them now the killer integration with our portfolios
any submission that you’ve created across any of your courses is
immediately available to connect with anyone of your portfolios so if i click on one of my assignments that turned i select what
section of my e-portfolio i would like to include it in i add that page to it which we embed it when we edit it when you can
reflect on the specific assignment and what you’ve learned with it and you can share these with classmates
with your friends or with potential employers e-portfolios can be made completely
public and they can exported to your hard
drive and they can also be exported to your desktop
to get it out of the system as well

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