Engineering Design: A Major for Our Global, Diverse Economy | Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Imagine creating a device, like this one,
that can help unlock the brain of an autistic child. That’s exactly what our
first year engineering design students did last fall. As an engineering design
major, you’ll develop expertise in product design, testing and analysis
while working for real clients on authentic projects. During your first two
years, you’ll learn the principles of engineering and design through six hands-on design studio experiences. You’ll work in teams as you meet with clients assess
their needs and develop solutions in your junior year you will get additional
experience through two coops or study abroad or combination of both these
experiences are built into the curriculum and will not delay your
graduation your senior year culminates with a multidisciplinary capstone
project and finishing your technical concentration you can choose from one of
seven currently available concentrations or suggest your own engineering design
is a major for today’s global and diverse economy it’s for creative
thinkers who want to get busy learning by doing as soon as they arrive on
campus from your first studio until the end of capstone you will be gaining
valuable experience in integrating technical topics with humanities as you
begin your journey of making the world a better place through design to find out
more about what engineering design is all about please get in touch I can’t
wait to hear from you

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