Engine Guard & Recovery Point Ford Ranger/Mazda BT-50

Hi, this is Matt from Superior Engineering
and today we are checking out the New Superior Engine Gearbox Guard and Rated Recovery Point
for the PX Ford Ranger and Series 2 Mazda BT-50’s. The problem with the factory engine guard
is that it’s made of plastic, which you guessed it, are prone to severe damage in the event
of the slightest impact leaving your vital parts at risk. This design flaw is the major cause of underbody
component damage while offroad driving, due to the fact that it exposes your vehicle to
damage from various obstacles such as rocks, logs, debris and bumps. The difference with our newly designed guard
over the factory guard is that our protection plates perfectly integrate into the vehicles
design allowing for maximum protection to the front of the vehicle against potential
damage to vital components like your engine, steering, radiator, sump, gearbox and front
diff without compromising performance and durability. This guard is CAD Engineered to slope at a
specific angle to act as a deflecting tool while also pushing any objects downwards and
away from under the vehicle, eliminating any damage to your vehicles driveline. The kit is proudly made right here in Australia,
manufactured from premium grade Australian 4mm steel plate, laser cut for a precise fitment
and finished off in a hard wearing, semi-gloss, black powder coat for maximum durability. Features a solid 3-piece design for easy maintenance
and utilises a smooth low profile for maximum ground clearance and less chance of getting
hung up on obstacles. Another advantage is the inclusion of the
super heavy duty rated recovery point, rated to a MASSIVE 5,000 kilograms, which means
this is something your can actually get your vehicle our of trouble with. The recovery point is designed to not cover
up any of the crumple zones in the chassis, unlike most of the other recovery points out
there, that do cover up critical zones. The eyelet is made from 25mm steel and capable
of fitting a 4.7 tonne bow shackle. This Superior guard is 100% Street Legal and
Compliant, and DOES NOT require separate approvals to be used on Public roads within Australia. The kit comes ‘ready to fit’ straight out
of the box, for a direct 100% bolt-in installation with NO cutting or welding needed. These Superior guards are a small investment
for a lifetime of protection and safety. Don’t get left stranded on the side of the
track because you’re using inferior factory versions, or cheap competitor copies just
becuase you wanted to save a couple of bucks. Upgrade now to a Superior Engine Gearbox Guard
kit and take home “piece of mind” that you’re buying the strongest guard available! These are available to purchase online 24/7,
over the phone during business hours or in-person at our Deception Bay 4×4 Retail Showroom. For more information be sure to check us out
at www.superiorengineering.com.au You will also find a full list of our Stockists
Australia Wide on the website.

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