[Eng sub] Watercolor sketch at Hiroshima Castle | Shibasaki

“Hiroshima” Hi. I’ve just arrived in Hiroshima. Now I’m going into town for painting. I’m using a taxi because it’s unexpectedly hot today. Where should I go? Now I’m at Hiroshima Castle. It’s very busy with lots of foreign visitors. This is Hiroshima Castle. After being destroyed by the effects of the atomic bomb, the castle was reconstructed in 1958. See how crowded it is with tourists? Let’s get started. I’ll start with a rough sketch. This building is the tower of the castle. It’s symmetrical. I’m adding some visitors climbing up the stone stairs to the tower. Now I’m starting to paint. As usual, prepare lots of color to first paint the silhouette of the building. You may leave the sunny areas on the roof unpainted. The lower half of the castle’s white walls are covered with wooden panels, which decorate the castle beautifully. That’s a unique characteristic of Hiroshima Castle and should be depicted in the painting. The front stone walls are painted with the dry-brush method in this way. Now that the silhouette is complete, I’ll start painting with the roof tiles. These reddish-brown areas are the wooden panels. The tower is a very tall building that I need to look up at from where I’m standing. To represent the height, you need to firmly paint the back of the roof… …and to paint the higher floors in a light and dim manner. …And see how the wood patterns and other details are added for the lower floors? The upper area of the building and the lower area that’s closer to you should be drastically contrasted… …to represent the height of the tower of the castle that climbs into the air. Isn’t this method interesting? See how the tower is coming along? The green trees were astonishingly lush here. This is a pretty big park. It’s quite a hike to get to this tower… …on the large premises. There aren’t many remaining buildings but lots of trees are growing instead. Produce some changes to the trees as usual by adding dark tones of color and splashing paint. These stone walls are situated foremost closest to me and more details need to be added. This is where I painted. I don’t always paint in the best locations. I often have to forcibly make room for myself in a very tiny spot. Lots of visitors come to talk to me when I’m painting. It’s part of fun 😀 If you add lots more detail to the stone walls, it reinforces the stereoscopic effect. “It looks great.” Some visitors praise my painting. That makes me happy! “Only 30 minutes?” “Seriously?” “It’s amazing!” A visitor was surprised when I told him it took me 30 minutes to complete this painting. But this is a great thing about watercolor painting. I have just completed a painting at Hiroshima Castle. It was warm today and perfect for painting outside. I hope you enjoyed it. See you next time!


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