JY: After being led by the rabbit, we end up in a new place JY: In that new place, The Boyz are all playing JY: We play around and have fun and that’s the scene we’re filming right now (Juyeon’s snack mukbang #1) (nomnom) (nomnom) (The Boyz focused on the monitor) (Using his free time and playing pool) JY: It’s our first day of filming here in New York but we’re going to work hard and have fun, fighting! (Please introduce the shooting location)
JY: This is Coney Island JY: We’re filming a really pretty scene where we’re all walking and having a good time Staff: Sorry but we’re gonna film this one more time! All: Okay! JY: Fighting! (Juyeon filming the scene where he meets the rabbit) (Juyeon who meets the rabbit at a record shop) JY: I hope one day The Boyz’ LP can be sold here too Staff: What are you filming right now? JY: I’m a boy who lives in New York, and I went into this record shop to by an LP JY: but suddenly a rabbit appears in front of me JY: This is the scene where I go to find the rabbit from the record store, I run to catch him and I run out of the record store and out onto the street JY: I think I’m playing the role of someone who discovers the rabbit and gets brought into the world of The Boyz (This shooting location is an abandoned subway!) (Checking appearance) (Juyeon’s snack mukbang #2) (The last shooting location, the roof!) JY: Over here, do you see it? JY: Look over there JY: The view is amazing right? JY: I feel goof because Jeff Benjamin from Billboard came to interview us JY: Thank you Jeff JY: I think we’re about to start doing the last of our filming JY: It’s a shame that our filming in New York is coming to an end already JY: But we still have the filming of our reality show left so it’s okay (Juyeon’s Behind the Scenes is done~)


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