[Eng sub] 5min Easy Watercolor | Simple House Painting

Today I’ll show a simple way to paint a house. Let’s draw a box first. Then put a roof on, but don’t think too much about the shape. As long as it looks like a house, or a box – That’s important. So this is it. The sun is shining from the top right, and it creates shadows here. It’s important to understand that the box has shiny sides and shady sides. Then draw the house in the sketchbook to start painting. Because this house is to have light white walls, I’ll simply paint the shady walls blue. Use plenty of paint. Don’t make too much detail. Just paint it. The house will look nice with a veranda. Use some dark color to trace the border between the shiny wall and shady wall. It’ll show the sharp shift of the sides. User a darker color to paint the space under the roofs. Some space like this here. See? Only this makes it look like a house. These are the points. That’s why you shouldn’t think too much. Windows also don’t need to be exactly square. Try not to trace. I’d scratch the paint for the windows to represent windowsills… Use some darker color to the windows to add depth. Here on the shady wall are some windows. Let’s paint the roof of the house red. It will help the white walls stand out and make the house look nice and cute. Here again I scratch the color to represent roof tiles. Add a little blue to the same red to make a darker red and paint this area of the roof. This is not facing the sun and is shady. Use the same paint to paint this area… …underneath the roof. And add more strokes to the windows where colors weren’t enough. Then create some unique feeling to the house design just for fun. It’s all up to you. And for the entrance, I try to be a little creative. You don’t need to do this but draw on it if you want to. You can see the shadow of the entrance railing on the wall. Add some strokes for the steps. Just some horizontal lines. Now for such a nice cute house, why don’t we create flower beds and grow yellow and red flowers? This creates the atmosphere of a nice, fun family living in this house. Once we have added fun to the front, we’ll paint a tree in the back. Now, you can clearly see the white walls of the house. The surrounding area is almost done. After making the veranda fence clear, use different tones of green to paint another tree behind the house and grass. Then that’s it! So a house is done. When you are painting a house, just imagine it’s a box. This is the point. Then you can paint a house very easily. An addition of flowers and trees around the house will create a joyful feeling of a family. Isn’t it wonderful? Doesn’t it make you feel like trying? Let’s continue to enjoy watercolor painting together. See you later then!


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