[Eng sub] 5min Easy Watercolor | How to paint a Rooster

Hello. I’m going to paint a rooster today. Let’s start by drawing it. The body is V-shaped. Then flesh out the V. The legs are sticking out at the bottom of the V. The head is surprisingly small. Because it’s a rooster, add a handsome crown. Now that the drawing is complete, I’ll start painting it. After lightly putting water, spread some yellow over the body. Color the shadowy section of the rooster in yellow’s complementary color bluish purple. Let’s give it a substantial three-dimensional appearance in an early stage. This is very important. The body of this rooster is basically white. Emphasize the white body by painting the background in a dark color. You may be playful with less important sections of the painting like this. Add some more details… …in lightly lit areas. A rooster has both soft feathers and relatively coarse feathers. Remember to observe details carefully. See how three-dimensional it looks now? And legs. The legs are the only spots that have no feathers. Paint the head a little more carefully. The crown is to make a rooster look dashing. Use a robust vivid tone of red sufficiently to represent it. Clearly differentiating the sun-lit spots, and shady spots to emphasize the stereoscopic effect helps the face dramatically stand out. Let’s dry it. Erase unnecessary lines and make sure that the details are present. Add some shadow at the feet of the rooster to show the physical presence. Then represent the characteristics of the claws’ shape. The face is of course important and needs to be detailed. Lastly the rectrices. Those feathers are pretty sleek. They should be painted in blue or blackish dark blue. Dry it… …and it’s done! I’ve painted a rooster today. What did you think? The distinguishing shape of the bird is a large V. That’s the first point. The second point is its plump, round body. Color wise, the striking colors of the rectrices and the crown are key. Let’s continue enjoying watercolor painting together! See you next time!


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