ENG SUB《火爆天王 Canvas the Emperor》EP01——主演:谭学亮,陈衍利,骆俊帆

Canvas the Emperor Episode 01 # Turn on the light # # The love of dancing wakes up # # Dancing on the floor # # Being in perfect condition at any time, sweating # Tang Xin, Tang Xin, Tang Xin. What’s wrong with you? Tang Xin, Tang Xin. What’s the matter? If everything is unknown, then everything could happen. I am Tang Zhong. I am the raccoon that switches the prince. I am a free man. I can’t stand your restraint. You are not Tang Zhong, but Tang Xin now. This is what costs to be who you are. What you have to do mainly this time, is to take Tang Xin’s position in Mariposa, go to events for him, when he is receiving his therapy. No one ever knows what’s in my mind. Now there he is. Tang Xin and Qiu Yihan have already started to date each other. Qiu Yihan is mine sooner or later. Make sure to fit it in. You want something dirty of Tang Xin, right? Yes. I am going to collect it now. And we will post it tonight. Did I talk to you about the relationship between you and Qiu Yihan? What did you answer me? I have a feeling for you. It’s too late. I gotta go. Lady Qiu, leave is not the way out of your family’s bankruptcy. Just give up the exam. For her sake, I can give up my life. I’m dying. Help! I’m dying. Help me! See how stupid you are! It is estimated that when Su shan is discharged from hospital, you will be hospitalized. For the first time, I felt so tired with chasing girls. What’s up? Did you stay up all night? Ji Weilian is not sleeping. How can I sleep? We’re comparing who can last longer. When you meet the person you like, naturally you don’t have so many patterns. Yeah. Just like Hua Ming, facing Xuefu is like a fool. Just like Tang Xin in the face of Qiu Yihan. Just like Li Yu… Stop! You are silly. I’m not. That’s because you haven’t met the right person yet. We buddies can’t watch you to be alone. What do you think of that Dong Puti? Stop kidding. I’m not interested in her. Li Yu and Dong Puti? Don’t you think the picture is a little strange? Impossible. What’s more, she couldn’t possibly like me, either. As long as you learn some tricks from me. And, let Tang Xin say a good word for you in front of Dong Puti. You two to be together is not difficult. I… That’s settled then. Your greatest event in life will be arranged by our buddies. Are you too bored? Make fun of me. You just don’t admit it on the surface. I guess in your heart you must to be very happy. I need your help. I’m going to get the first place in StarWars. Miss Qiu, may I ask what happened? It’s nothing. I just want to conclude this deal with you as soon as possible. Deal? Unexpectedly, in the end we all will turn into the people we hate. What’s up? Why do you put on a terrible look? I have a question for you. But if you don’t want to answer, you can also not answer. You’re so mysterious about asking a question. Say it. What is the relationship between you and Qiu Yihan? Are you very concerned about this problem? I’m just curious. Be curious? You to ask me for Tang Xin? If you don’t want to answer, just forget it. I’m serious about her. I really have a feeling for her. Which girl isn’t you serious about? She’s different. She’s different from everybody else. So no matter what’s her relationship with Tang Xin is, I don’t care at all. I know what I want. What about Qiu Yihan? What does she think of? Qiu Yihan is mine sooner or later. And after you play enough and then dump her, right? Whatever you say, I don’t care. Because I know what I want. But Puti, I ask you a question. Do you know what you want? What do I need to know? Don’t think I don’t know what you did in the game. Why do you post that news when voting? Puti, you accomplish others, but others don’t necessarily appreciate you. Don’t talk nonsense here. Tang Xin and I are just… You are just good friends. You are just buddies? There is pure friendship between men and women. Do you believe it yourself? It’s none of your business. Listen to me this time. Stay away from Tang Xin. He will only alienate you for you, a trouble. This time I’m really for your good. So I should thanks for your kindness, right? Master, Now that Miss Qiu has contacted you, shall we apply for the execution in bank? Of course. Do you have any comments? No, no, no. But, For Miss Qiu, is this… I do it for her good. Only when people are in a desperate situation, can they know what they need. Some useless bums should be thrown away. Yes, yes, yes. Okay. Don’t apply for it this month. Give her some time. So, what’s… Only when she has hope can she be motivated. How long do I have to stand? Until you tell the truth. I said I didn’t know. I only told you about it, didn’t I? How do I know how many people you told? Don’t quibble with me. Tang Xin had been wandering for a semester, but passed the exam. His grades had improved by leaps and bounds. He even stopped his activities. There must have been some snitches already. Your mind is too dark. Don’t you allow others to work hard before the exam? Work hard? He’s just a starlet. He takes his lessons is just for show. I managed to dig up a big news, but you ruined it like that. Do you think nothing of me? What did I do to ruin it? Then you can write that Tang Xin never forgets to study hard in addition to his acting career. Am I his personal propaganda team? Does he pay me wages? Do you understand the media? Good news is bad news. Bad news is big news. That’s the way it is now, I have no way, either. If you’re not happy, you can change his grades. My president. No. Dong Puti, stop. Do you believe I would fire you? Dong Puti. Here she is. Puti, come here. Come here. Sit here, sit here, sir here. Are you all here? We’re all here and wait for you. Let’s start eating. Where is Liang Tao? He stayed up all night. Leave him alone. Li Yu, hurry up! Pour wine for Puti. You’re really… Although Li Yu is very shy, it also proves that he is honest and competent. You’ll know his virtues when you’ve known him for a long time. It’s true. It’s true. What are you talking about? Eat, eat, eat. Let’s all eat together. Yeah, come, eat, ear. come, eat, eat, eat. The meat is done. It tastes good. It took me a lot of efforts to invite Uncle Zhang and Uncle Zhao. Okay. I think this project is good. Isn’t it? Good, pretty good. Uncle Zhang and Uncle Zhao, so sorry to have kept you waiting. Let me introduce them to you. This is General Manager, Mr. Zhang of Time Entertainment. This is General Manager, Mr. Zhao of Qitian Culture. Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhao, nice to meet you. Miss Qiu, you’re welcome. Have a seat, you two. Have a seat. Mingjue always talks about you, and always praises you. It’s an honor for all of us to have this opportunity to meet today. Yes. yes, yes. Let’s start eating. Uncle Zhang and Uncle Zhao, it’s an honor for her to meet you here. You’re flattered. Here’s a toast to two of you. Well, cheers! Cheers! Tang Xin, how is your hand? It should have recovered almost. It’s no longer painful. That’s good. I heard StarWars is going to make a promotional film for you. I gonna be busy again. But the busiest one is our stylist, Ken. I heard he was preparing and is going to collapse. Li Yu, shall I take out the gift you have prepared for Dong Puti? What gift? Take it out. Okay. Well done! You really can hold your liquor. Well done! It’s rare to be so happy today. Let me have another toast to Miss Qiu. Wish our game would be more and more prosperous. Cheers! This gift was carefully chosen by Li Yu for you. What is this? Why do you give me a gift? Aren’t you going to celebrate your birthday soon? it’s a birthday present. My birthday is two months away. Why do you give it to me now? Two months… It’s mainlt because of Li Yu. He said every day that he didn’t know when would Puti celebrate her birthday. What gifts do I give her for her birthday? These questions leave him scratching his head and being filled with anxiety every day. Then… Then it was sent to you in advance. Anyway, you can open it and take a look. Do you think I’m such a fool? Open it quickly. Is it pretty? I’m sure you’ll like it. Li Yu, why did you give me a pen? Let Hua Ming answer you. He… He… He wants to wish you study well and make progress every day. Then… Come on. Cheers. What the hell are you doing? They want to make a couple of you and me. Are you… He will alienate you sooner or later. Come on, Miss Qiu. Uncle Zhang, how dare we let you to toast her? If you offer her a toast, we couldn’t accept it. I’d like to propose a toast to two of you. I fill myself with wine. we haven’t meet for a long time, really. Cheers! Well done! You really can hold your liquor. Miss Qiu, he’s a good man. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Are you okay? I’m okay. Uncle Zhang and Uncle Zhao, let’s go on eating. Okay, let’s eat. Was it your idea? No, it’s not my idea. I just stay neutral. Really? Because I don’t think you are worthy of our Li Yu. What do you mean? You are such a tomboy. But Li Yu is urbane. How bad will he be bullied by you in the future. I can’t have him suffered this. Don’t that push him into the living hell? It’s none of your business if I’m worthy of him. Besides, you don’t have to worry about Which one I would bully. Shall we change seats? So it’s easier for you two to quarrel. Hey! why are you doing sitting here? Don’t stare at me. Do you want to eat me? Do you think I dare not? Okay. I admit defeat. Open the outer package and you can eat it. Make yourself ar home. I’m not eating it. Are you okay? Don’t, don’t, don’t. I didn’t mean to do it. Why did you provoke me? Let me take a look. How did I provoke you? How about going to the hospital? I’m okay. Are you scared? Do you know you’re wrong? You’re so bored. Come on. Let’s drink. Cheers. Come here. Master, Are you okay? I’m okay. Be careful with steps. Qiu Yihan, are you okay? Qiu Yihan? Master, where are we going? Drive her home. All right. Sister Bai, take a look at these. My inspiration for these two clothes comes from the cloud. Look at the color. Then match these with them. And add that lively effect… Are you going to bed? Are you going out? Are you going out to bed? It took me a week to design it. Although it looks like pajamas, it’s very fashionable. That’s true. Appearances are often deceptive. Cut the crap. You also have one. Change it on. Wild monkey, don’t laugh at us. You have to wear it, too. Is this a coat? I’m going out in it? I feel more ashamed to wear it than no clothes. I’m not going to wear it. Ken Personally, if they wear these suits to take promotional photographs, it may be a bit inappropriate. These suits are a bit too common. No. I just said something unintentionally. Don’t take it to heart. Hey! Don’t cry. I can’t stand the sight of a man in tears. I originally… I originally designed three suits for Mariposa, including this one. All right. I’m not satisfied with that, either. I don’t know what’s going on lately. I just can’t think of any new ideas. Ken, you’ve been in this business for years. We have always been very satisfied with your work. Maybe you’ve had a bottleneck lately. Everyone must have this bottleneck in his career. I think you just need a good rest now. Take it easy. I’m sure you can design works that will satisfy us and yourself. Okay, then I’ll try again. You’re starting to guard against me. Who cares about the gossip you’ve found. What are you doing here? You hurry up and go out now. Let me send you two new copies. Let’s bury the hatchet. Well, go back at once. What are you doing? You are absent-minded. What’s on your conscience? You… You tracked them and photographed them! Knowing yourself and your enemy ensures victory. And then? And then… And then at their present pace, I’m afraid I have no chance. So you don’t have to think about these filthy things. Work hard. You are our good president. Why are you dressing like this? I try this on to sleep and see if it’s comfortable. It’s a waste not to wear it anyway. It feels good. Ken will cry again if he knows that you really think of his design as a pajama. I’m doing so for respecting the fruits of his work. The ugly always make more troubles. If you like it, you can wear it. But I warn you never to wear it outside. I don’t want the media to photograph you dressing like this. Let’s hurry to finish our meal. After eating, we’ll have something to do in a moment. Hurry up. Cheers! Cheers! What else are we going to do in a moment? You’ll know later. Hey! Give me, give me, give me. Don’t mess me up. I… This is the only big news I have. No way. You are not allowed to post this news. Your brother has so much gossips, it’s no different to have this one. Who cares about him? I mean if you post this news out, you’ll hurt Tang… you’ll hurt Qiu Yihan. When did you care so much about her? Anyway, you are not allowed to post it. It’s so strange. When is it your turn to give orders? Just because you tracked and photographed Su Shan and Liang Tao. I don’t think you want Su Shan to know about it. How dare you threaten me? Yes, I am threatening you. That’s all right. How about this? This time, I won’t post it. If I take another picture next time, I will post it. Let’s say that beforehand, this is a disposable deal. Don’t threaten me with this again. Okay. Then you have to promise me that you won’t do the filthy things of tracking and photographing in the future. Okay, okay, okay, I follow the gentleman’s agreement. I give you my word. Please hurry up to raise funds and repay the principal and interest due by the end of this month. Otherwise, our bank will bring a lawsuit to the court to auction mortgaged real estate according to law. What’s up? Are you unhappy? I’m all right. Later I’ll take you to buy clothes for promotional photographs. Okay? No, let’s go to there after I get paid at the weekend. Won’t it be photographed until next week. It won;t be late. Let’s go to the supermarket outside. Every time we go to that store, Qiu Yihan doesn’t charge us any money. That somewhat embarrassed me. Yeah, that made me afraid to shop in her store. I feel a bit embarrassed. We come here mainly to enhance our feelings, and shopping is next, OK? Besides, we are going to say hello on behalf of Tang Xin’s friends, is there something wrong? Am I right? That’s Dong Xiaobao’s car. This… Hurry up! How dare he pester my buddy’s woman? I’m going to settle with him. Don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive. It’s not clear yet. Didn’t we said last time that the company would buy it for you? I know the company didn’t have this expense. You bought it for me. But I don’t want to take advantage of you. How could you say you took advatage of me? You’re the actress I manage. It’s my duty to publicize for you. Besides, your little salary is not enough to buy anything. Then don’t buy anything. I can still sing. I don’t mean that. I mean, it’s not about singing, it’s about image. Here’s the thing. Actually, there is a bonus for this promotional photograph. Bonus? We’ll turn these promotional photographs into a brochure. Then, We’ll send a tenth of the sales of this brochure to the actor on the cover. Although normally I would donate the money to charities. But I think as an honor, the company can give you an equal bonus. But how do I do for getting on the cover? Image. Modeling must be good, that’s the point. If you don’t think it’s appropriate, you can think that the company lent you the money first. But you have to buy the best clothes. Right? Let’s go and buy clothes. Okay, sir, I gonna go first. Okay. Let’s catch up and have a look first. Get on the car. Hurry up! Did you see Dong Xiaobao’s car? It has just passed by. Let me go with you. Get on the car. This way. This damn fellow. If he really has anything to do with Qiu Yihan, I would never let him off. No way, call Tang Xin now. Calm down. I said to make it clear first, in case there are any misunderstandings. I hope it’s a misunderstanding.


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