(eng) #사랑의불시착 [평양 맵짠녀] 서단 커버 메이크업ㅣCrash Landing On You Cover Make-Upㅣhiyena 하이예나

To make my skin look smooth like Seo Dan’s, I will apply some YSL foundation After dipping the brush into the foundation I will apply it on my face Then I will use a blender to make sure it gets applied nicely It’s a cover makeup so I will try to make my skin look even and smooth I will use a concealer that is a half shade lighter than my skin to brighten up my face I usually use the applicator to apply it but today I used a brush so that it gets applied thinly I’m gonna brighten up the center of the face I will then fix the foundation with some transparent powder Gonna use a brush to apply it Nose, outer edge of my face I will do some contouring, the most important step With a blending brush, I will contour my nose. This is the most important step for Seo Dan’s makeup Her nose bridge was very heightened so I will try to make my nose look like that and then taking a smaller brush, I will finish off contouring After contouring my nose I will color my eyebrows a little bit Also I’m gonna contour the side of my nose contouring my lips and my philtrum Now I will mix all three of the colors and contour the outer edge of my face I’m gonna contour my jawline and cheek bones After contouring my jawline I will use an eyebrow pencil to color my brows Her eyebrows have a little arch in the middle and are thick overall I will first make a shape with an arch in the middle and then I will fill in the sparse area I’m not gonna fill in the sparse area completely though. I want my brows to look natural I will start the eye makeup now Gonna contour my brows with this apricot beige color Seo Dan’s makeup is very apricot overall so I will use this color as a base To add some pink pigment, I’m gonna use this pink eye shadow on the palette I will apply it right above my double eyelid line I will make the end more deeper and also I’ll pop some right below my eyes I will curl my eye lashes a little bit Now I will move on to the eyeline. Her eyeline looks brown black so I will use both brown and black eyeliners I will fill in the waterline and make the eyeline look thick I will use a brown eyeliner to make a wing at the end You can end here but I want my eyes to look exactly like hers so I will fill in the front completely I will use this dark brown eye shadow to define my eyeline You can skip this part but I want my eyeline to look like Seo Dan’s so I’m gonna use this color to contour more Seo Dan has tapered eyelid so I will contour the front more and then blend out the eyeline I will contour this area as well Now I’m gonna use the pink that I used earlier on top of the eyeline to make my eye makeup look lively I will attach some fake lashes I cut them in small pieces like this I will attach them according to my eye shape If you cut them in pieces and apply piece by piece, your lashes will look more natural Now I will use this peachy shimmery eye shadow to brighten up the under eye fat I’m gonna pop some peachy pink blush upwards from the center I will apply a lipstick now I’m gonna apply this moisturizing pink lipstick from inside to outside To make my lips look like a heart, I will use a concealer to make it neat Then I will apply some moisturizing lip gloss to make my lips look moisturized and plump I applied some more concealer on my philtrum yeah this is the end of the makeup!


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