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(♪ Light Music ♪) Cozy up your room
this September with this encaustic project. “Encaustic” means
painting with wax, and I’m going to show you
a few techniques, how to create this fun project. So, to begin, we’re going
to need to melt our wax, and this is beeswax that
we’re using for this project. Now, I already have this melting
in our melting pot, and we actually sell this
in our scrapbooking department. Now, I’m going to set this aside
as it continues to melt. So I’m going to start with
this plain white, 4 x 4 canvas and I’m going to use
a distressed ink pad, and I’m going to
actually take the pad, and I’m going to run it
along the edge of the canvas, just to give it a weathered,
distressed look. You can do all four sides
and the top. And this is just
going to give it some depth and dimension. I’m also going to use
some tissue paper. I’m going to stamp the tissue
paper to make some patterns. Now, I’ve picked out
the chevron pattern, which is really trendy
and in right now, so it’s going to be great
with the rest of my decor. So, again,
take your stamp, hold it in one hand, and take your stamp pad
and press onto your stamp. Now, remember,
if your stamp is getting dry, just “huff” on it–
huff-huff– and it’s going to reactivate
the ink. Then I’m just going
to take the stamp and I’ll place it down
on my tissue paper. Just going to do
some repeat patterns. And I like
the dark and the light. You can have a mixture, because you’re actually going
to tear this tissue paper up and add it to your canvas
as a collage. It’s going to be more
like a mixed-media piece when we’re done. Then you’re going to tear
your tissue paper into some smaller pieces that are going to go
right on our canvas. And I like the raw-edge look, so I’m going to tear some
out of the middle here. Now, once you’ve done that, since this is
a mixed-media piece, I’ve gone ahead and I’ve cut out
some paper embellishments that I want to use. And to create a little collage, I’m just going
to kind of place these down. So, for your wax,
to apply to the canvas, you’re going to need
an old paintbrush. And once you use this for wax, you’re not going to be able
to paint again with it, but go ahead and keep it
for your next project that you use with wax. We’ve got our wax melted here,
all ready to go. So take your canvas,
and we’re going to take our paper embellishments
and our wax and we’re going to use the wax
just like glue. Go ahead and spread the wax;
we’re going to paint with it. And then you’re going
to add wax back on top
of the embellishments. And just go ahead
and layer your papers up, right on the canvas, right on top of each other. Then, right over
my paper embellishments, I’m going to add
this tissue paper So go ahead and add your wax. Then you’re going to take your
tissue paper and press it on. Now, you can see,
the tissue paper actually becomes translucent
and all you can see is that great stamped
chevron pattern that I made. And we’re just going
to keep layering and the imperfections
and the layering is really great and it gives a lot
of personality to your piece. I love this technique! With an encaustic work of art, you can add a cozy spot
to any room in your house. Visit Michaels’ Pinterest boards
or michaels.com for more cozy project ideas, and share yours
on Michaels’ Facebook page.


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