Easy Rainbow Dandelion Q Tip Acrylic Painting for Beginners tutorial ???

Hi everybody I’m Cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa today I’m going to show you how to create this very easy Rainbow Dandelion using the acrylic technique of painting with cotton swab you get your paint and
get your brushes come back and meet me easel right now I’m going to show you
how you can do this easily at home let’s cover the materials that you’re going to
be using in today’s project now here I have a 9 by 12 surface for acrylic paint
it is black you can buy those at the store already painted you can paint a
surface black and you can even use a black heavy weight paper the acrylic
paint over here I have the colors Pink, Red Orange Yellow Turquoise Blue Green
and Purple a little White a little Black I have bunches of cotton swabs bundled
together with small plastic rubber bands a few loose ones a number four round
brush or the stem and a little piece of chalk like the kind that you might find
for kids chalkboard because it’s easily removed the sketch in the design so I
can kind of work my things out now let’s go through the steps that it’s going to
take for you to create this at home so to make your job easier especially as a
new artist you can use chalk to make a plan before you apply the paint I’m
going to take my chalk here I’m going to come over a little bit from the edge
because I don’t want to come right off the edge and I’m in a very gently curved
a line in towards the center of my surface this is the halfway point of my
surface you’ve got about three fingers where I’m ending that stem I’m going to
add a little button shape that’s going to be the center of our
dandelion and then you can just very lightly tapping this up-and-down sketch
out their circumference that you’re going to
want or your surface and then I also liked you at this stage plan how my
fluff might be coming off and float away I think we’re ready for the paint now
I’m going to grab my number four brush and I’m gonna get a little white paint
right on to it you see me going right there and I’m going to start working in
my stem just very carefully
I not to apply too much pressure make us in line right over your guideline that you
created with your chalk just in your white paint
you’ve got black hay right there if you make a boo-boo and so if anything goes
wrong that is a good way to erase is just paint it back up back over once the
paint is dry all right everyone someone I like to rinse out
I’m going to get a little more to
I never imply those little bits that are and you can see I press in and curve and
release they’re just little bits of fluff
maybe one more coat there and it can be nice to take a little of
your black and white to make a dark gray to come underneath maybe a little darker great in that
underneath or a bit of a shadow or two tones
if you can do that when’s that put your brush to the side
and now it’s time to pick up your magic tool your cotton swab so I’m going to
grab one of the bunches I have five together in the sponge and I’m going to
begin with maybe my color pink that I like so much now I’m going to come here
and tap up and down like this is a stamp hopping up and down leaving space right around the Center
for the dandelion you can see how the chalk is guiding me
and then I might go right into the red and blending it back by stamping
backwards into the pink we’re going to create a beautiful transition rainbow
all around our dandelion and it’d be so colorful and pretty
I’m gonna flip this over to the clean side or the orange
and come right back in you can see you want to pick your favorite colors
or these paints amping up and down just pressing up and down
if your cotton swabs are getting fluffy you want to have
several extras the side so you can change it up there’s
one let’s grab one with maybe three together and I’m going to get some
yellow now on yellow it can be nice to add a
little white the mix as yellow paints can be a little transparent
and it might help your yellow to show a little bit better you can see I’m bringing it back into
our dandelion stem as I flip over I can go right into our turquoise
this will be a very pretty blend you coming around making a fluffy fluffy and
elion now because the yellow and the turquoise are here I think I might grab
a bit of the green now and put a little green in that
transition between the two of them and you see that my cotton swabs are getting
fluffy I put them to side I’ll pick up another bunch you
I’m coming around the front with a little bit of my green
ahead and get some of that dark blue just such a lovely blue
ringing around the side here really colorful Dannielynn isn’t
over so the purple you guys are doing great
you can do this so you’re just imping up and down meaning doesn’t have to be hard
or scary you can do anything keep going you got
it remember to breathe deep and relax now
where the purple is coming here I might come back around to my pink again
make a nice transition between these two areas in my circle
coming around can you see that little touches can make a really
beautiful painting letting those sides you can see how many
swabs I’ve used now I’m going to pick up my teeny-tiny little tip of this brush
right here you’re gonna find this is really helpful and let’s pick some of
your favorite colors I wanna make sure there’s not too much water in there like
some of your favorite colors what you’re going to do is make a little curved line
see how it’s thicker at the back and it gets thinner as it goes out then you little bless out
I’m gonna get rigged like my read of that one this way you can rinse out your going to a new
color that might be very different than the color you’re using so if I’m going
from red to blue I might rinse out another little slob here with my very
favorite turquoise I loved her please and blue you can see I’m just using the tip of
the brush not pressing very hard and that’s how I’m getting a nice fine line the brush gives me a nice fine line
maybe I’ll get some yellow and white on here
finish this off now when that’s all done you can take
some clean water everywhere the pain is dry you can come in remove any of your
chalk it might be showing hanging that up yeah very last part is
signing color you really love I’m gonna go into my turquoise but I really love
that color I’m here to the stem
and just go ahead and very gently mark your name
and again how I’m getting that in line have a good brush with a sharp point but
also that I’m not pressing on the brush very hard wow that is so gorgeous and we
did that together I can’t wait to see yours online you sure and share it with
me remember to be good to yourself and be good to each other and I want to see
you at an easel really soon bye bye


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