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Hello friends. Welcome to Art mantra We welcome you to our channel. This is our third clay workshop video. Before this, We have uploaded Two more videos on YouTube. Probably, you might have seen those videos. If you have not watched those videos, you can watch those also. They are very beautiful videos. Today, we are in the same school. Xavier green school. Today, we are going to organize a clay workshop. And we are going to work with the students. You can rarely find such type of videos on youtube. Its our small effort that we are working with the students and demonstrating them practically. Students are also working with us. And it creates an interesting visual. Normally we use to work in studios Normally the backgrounds are alike. And the camera angle is almost the same for every video. Art and craft videos are made like this. Today’s video is about our workshop. And you can see a lot of activities happening around. There are many students working with us. About 200-250 students are studying in this school. We can’t involve them all in the workshop Because we can’t handle them all. So we take them group wise, according to their standards. Today we are with the students of 5th standard. And like this we take them in groups . Recently we have started making these videos. We are associated with this organisation since 5-6 years. This is an NGO organisation Children from very poor families are studying here. And here they get free education. They have lack of materials. Somehow we have arranged some clay for them. And clay is a suitable medium for modelling. From clay we can create many models easily. Students love to work with clay. Since long time we were working with them But couldn’t make those videos of workshop. And when we started our youtube channel From that day we are uploading the videos And this is our third video. Today we are going to demonstrate them how to make a pot or something like a container. And the technique is how to give the shape and how to make the body. It would look like a container. and how to bring the shape. And there is a neck on the container we will show them how to pull the neck outside. and above that We will fix another piece of coil. It will be in coiling method and the shape will be created by hammering from outside This is a type of method.


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